Organizations that help people in need

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    If you need help then there are organizations that help people in need, these organizations give money, food, shelter and even offer advice and guidance to help people who are suffering from poverty.

    If you’re struggling with money, need money now or need cash now then these organizations can help you. Most of these organisations are registered charities, foundations and non-profit organizations which love to help, you can get help towards your bills, help with medical bills, help with new homes and much more.

    List of Organizations That Help People

    If you have a genuine need and would like a helping hand then these organizations can help you; if you have children and are suffering from poverty then you can contact the following organization for help. In particular World Vision and St. Jude’s Research Hospital helps children who need clothes, food and a place to stay.

    World Visions

    World Vision serves people regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, location or gender. The charity is inspired by Christian values and help the most vulnerable people all around the world and in America, their vision is to work with children, families, communities to overcome injustice and poverty.

    St. Jude's Research Hospital

    St. Jude is a paediatric research and treatment facility; the discoveries here have helped change the lives of children around the world. If you need help with treatment for children and want to contribute to research advancement then you can contact St. Jude Research Hospital for help.

    Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army is an international Christian Charity which operates in 126 countries and helps all kinds of people regardless of their religion. They have helped countless children, homeless people, and people facing poverty. The Salvation Army becomes very active during the Holidays especially Christmas where they offer food parcels, shelter and an opportunity to escape from the everyday grinds of life.

    Organizations That Help People With Disabilities

    If you have a disability then more charities and non profit foundations will be looking to help out even more. 90% of the donations go directly to the people which is great, unfortunately there are many other organizations that only give away 30% of the donations that they receive to help people in need.

    Christian Children's fund
    Child Sponsorship Programs

    The Christian Children’s Fund dedicates it’s time and resources to helping disabled children who are facing poverty and oppression. The Child Fund international is motivated, inspired and driven to help children reach their full potential; they operate all over the world and help tackle poverty in America by helping families with money and advice.

    Sisters of Mercy

    The Sisters of Mercy is a Christian Charity which help women all around the world especially disabled women and children. The Sister of Mercy tries to help the economically poor of the world, women seeking fullness of life and equality in church and society; they also look to embrace multicultural and international reality.

    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for humanity is a non-profit Christian ministry that are completely devoted to provide every man, women and child with a decent, safe and affordable place to live especially for the disabled. They operate all over the world and even have a branch devoted to help homeless Americans with low income families.

    Organizations That Help Homeless People

    If you’re homeless then you can turn to these organizations which really help people without a place to stay; these charities take the time to listen to your hardship and then look to see if they can help you with money, food and shelter. If you don’t get any financial help then the advice you receive may ultimately end up benefiting you in the long run.

    Feed the Children
    Charities That Help Children in Need

    Feed the Children was founded in 1979 and is ranked as one of the largest international charities in the US. The aim of Feed the Children is to let no homeless child or family to go to bed hungry. If you’re homeless and have nowhere to turn to then Feed the Children can help you with money and a temporary place to stay.

    Red Cross

    The American Red Cross is one of the most respected charities in the world, the Red Cross offer compassionate care to help people in need. The volunteers, workers and donors share the vision of reliving suffering and poverty at home and around the world by asking for donations. The American Red Cross offer help to homeless; disaster relief, supporting America’s military family, lifesaving blood, and health and safety services as well as international poverty relief.

    Organizations That Help People in Poverty

    There are a lot of international charities that help people in need, poverty is all around the world and these charities aim to eradicate the suffering of people.

    The World Missionary Evangelism Orphanages

    World Missionary Evangelism helps people around the world especially in Africa and developing countries around the world. WME establish homes, schools, medical clinics, food and hunger centres around the world. They have helped people in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

    How to Start an Organization to Help People

    If you’re quite well off then you can contribute all these charities and organizations, all of these non-profits and foundations have web pages that you can donate to. Donating money can be the most rewarding action you can take to really help people out.

    You could even go a step further and start a non profit organization and become a registered charity designed to help specific people in need. Giving money to organization that help people in need can make a difference to the lives of many people, you can help people and feel good at the same time.


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