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    Here at The Find Some Money Forum we live by Ten Personal Finance Rules to help us grow our Personal Net Worth. We use these hard fast rules to help people get ahead with their money. All these ideas have been around for donkeys years but we like to remind our users how exactly to get rich.

    Rule 1: Expense Should be 50% of Income

    Anyone knows that to get ahead we need to control our expenses. Expenses must be lower than income to grow personal net worth. At The Find Some Money Forum we like to strive to grow our Personal Net Worth which is why one of our rules is that expenses should be half of income. Some of our members have actually gone on to increase their income so much that they save 90% of their income. Creating a wide margin between income and expenses is the most significant step you can take to increase your wealth.

    Rule 2: We Must Avoid Bad Debt

    At The Find Some Money Forum we are NOT Anti-Consumerism denying ourselves of material pleasures. Instead we believe in creating passive income streams which we can use to indulge ourselves from time to time. Sticking to Rule 2 has helped members of our forum from falling back into the vicious cycle of poverty. Our motto is if you want something you need to earn the money or buy assets which pay income to make the purchase.

    Rule 3: We Must Become an Expert on Personal Finance

    The reason why most people are bad with money is because they lack the basic Financial Intelligence to make well informed decision. We have some misplaced wisdom that somebody else will sort our our finances but that day never comes. Here at The Find Some Money Forum we believe that anybody with average intelligence can become an expert in Personal Finance. All you have to do is visit the library and read some of the best selling books on personal finance and hey presto you change the way you think.

    Rule 4: We Must Invest in Assets That Pay Income

    One of the first aim we give our members is to plan for financial independence. FI for short is when your expenses are completely covered by the income you receive from your assets. At this point you could quit the rat race and still have a regular income coming in. Assets that pay income include rent from property, dividends from stocks, profit from passive businesses and interest from Bank Deposits. We love the concept of passive income on this Forum and aim to educate all our members and readers of the power of Financial Independence.

    Rule 5: We Must Multiply Our Income Stream

    The more sources of income we have the more secure our financial circumstances become. Unfortunately most people rely on their earned income which puts them in a very vulnerable position. Having several sources of income from rents and dividends to profits from an online business helps to grow your income faster. Here at the Find Some Money Forum we reveal some of the fastest ways to multiply your income stream so you can grow your net worth.

    Rule 6: We Must Embrace Good Debt

    Debt isn't all bad and it can actually help you grow your Personal net worth. Good debt is money you borrow to buy assets that pay income. Suppose you buy a property with a mortgage and rent it out to tenants. So long as the rent covers the mortgage payments and expenses any excess is profit that comes into your bank account. Savvy individuals understand the power of building a strong credit file so they can borrow money to buy assets which pay income.

    Rule 7: We Must Leverage Other People's Money

    A brilliant idea can change the world and make you a heap of money. If you're determined all you need is a brilliant idea and other peoples money to get your idea off the ground. Leveraging other peoples money with your own sweat equity can make a lot of money and its a very quick way to increase your personal net worth.

    Rule 8: We Must Cultivate an Abundance Mentality

    Resources are not finite and there is more than enough to go round. At The Find Some Money Forum we encourage thinking with an abundance mentality where individuals strive through inspiration. With creativity anyone can produce a produce or service which can make them incredible amounts of money.

    Rule 9: We Must Continually Increase Income

    At The Find Some Money Forum we like to multiply our income streams and then work on ways to increase the income from each of these streams. Suppose you have 5 streams of income and you produce $2000 from each of these streams you would have a total income of $10,000 per month before taxes.

    Rule 10: We Must Always Make The Best Use of Money

    We should never leave money lying around because it gets lazy. We need to use money so we can maximize our returns while keeping risks low. When our members start to accumulate money we advise them to invest the money so it keeps on growing through the compounding effect. We like to think of money as little soldiers fighting for our financial independence.

    At the Find Some Money Forum we believe in the Ten Money Rules and embrace them in a mildly religious way. These rules have helped the founder and countless other clients to increase their Net Worth. Adhering to these rules will increase your personal net worth quickly no matter how destitute your circumstances may be. We hope you find the resources on this Forum amazing and we look forward to your contribution.

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