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Discussion in 'FAQ & Rules' started by Uhnruh26, Nov 18, 2017.

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  2. Derbygirl

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    My wish is to continue to have the big heart i have for all people. People always have told me how strong of a person i am and how i kept a heart after all ive exprianced in life. I always kept a smile for the public eyes to see and my tears hidden . It wasnt till these past few years ive cried more and harder and actually am starting to think that ive got to be literally cursed somehow. I dont know about my family history , i have no family now but 2 younger siblings i had to raise. And 1 of them its been a couple years since i seen him and he lives in the city even. Im trying so hard to not become a hater and feel bitterness towards society but i am punished for every good deed it seems and i used to be die hard on good karma since i was 10 ive made it neccessary in my life to do a good deed everyday before i lay down to sleep , hoping for that good karma to cone to me but now age 40 ( having a meltdown in life) and truthfully a year ago i sat here stuck at home and just said to my roomate im done believing in karma. Cause the more pain i feel and people taking advantage of my kindness and etc.. my own blood has done me so wrong since i was a young girl in school. My credit was being ruined before 18, my family has stole from me etc. I still put my good faith in others and this past couple years im wondering is there truely any kind hearted people out there that are honestly for real. Ive always told anyone who meets me. I dont talk drama about people ill tell it to their faces first. I have nothing to hide cause whats happened to me in my life has not reflected on who i am as a person. Id tell them you can accept me for me and id promise id be the bestest friend i can be for you or its your loss if im not apart of your life. Lol.. peoples reactions are funny sometimes. Do you believe in karma honestly ? Just a thought id like to hear cause i keep watching the wicked rise and living their lives while people like me just get step on then tied with rope and dragged behind someones muddy tires. My old roomate would watch me do crazy giving spirited things and he just thought i was funny but he watch me end of fusterated later. He told me all the time"NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED".. Is this totally true or is it just me who seriously feels cursed since conception. Those words have stuck in my head past few years since i moved. One day i had enough went to a councelor just trying to be a hater to people ranting and cursing about life and society and i was determined to not be kind to others anymore, and im pisty and she starts laughing at me and im looking at her at first really? And she says are you done, its not in your nature to be cruel or a hater your heart is too big to let the haters take over it. I instantly just felt quiet and let my anger towards society leave me. I have yet in my 40 years of life to actually meet someone who has a big heart like mine and if i was ever given the chance in life to create or do any of the things i wish i could do in this world im sure i would of made a difference somewere. Ive had every dream that i wanted to do crushed and i could never just replace things and so id let that dream go away and id find something new to try to achieve and truthfully im not feeling strong anymore and i eeally never felt my age till past couple years, thats only cause i havent been able to take care of myself and barely can provide for my children . My family is all seperated and i really wish i could meet someone who isnt about themselves or somehow secretly is benifiting off being around you in some wicked way . I couldnt get a ride to the hospital last year from people who i gave plenty of rides for never asked for gas money or nothing and i traveled for them , took time out of my day to do something nice for them cause they needed help. It truely didnt hit me and i didnt feel this bitterness till that moment when noone would help me in return and i had felt like i was poisoned already for 3 days and i had someone physically see me and tell me i looked no good and that they come give me a ride early morning at this time be ready with carseats by the door cause she had other things going on in afternoon. I gave her money for gas in advance . I was waiting the next morning by my door i was going to buy her breakfast even. No show, no call, no facebook message , no screw you, im sorry, nothing. I still have not talked to her. Its been a year now. I cried all day i have bent over backwards for that person i thought was a friend of years . Now i think she just benifited for herself by being around me in someway. I always believed i guess that every wicked theres good inside somewere and maybe they kust need help finding it and why would people treat me like they do others cause im kind to all . Now i think that mean people suck all together and some just are evil. Now im skeptical after being robbed from online gurus cause i need that change in life so bad. I trusted in false hopes.
  3. victorpisk

    victorpisk Newbie

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  5. Uhnruh26

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