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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Simrin, Nov 8, 2015.

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  1. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    If you’re thinking about contact people offering free money then it might be more difficult than you thought. There is an urban myth that says you can contact millionaires and billionaires for help and they will give you money no matter what, the reality is you need to contact the charitable foundation which is run by the rich person to stand any chance of getting financial assistance.

    In this Forum Post we take a look at a few of the rich wealthy people who give away money and how to contact these millionaires through their charitable foundation for help, you’ll also find the names and contact details of rich people giving money away.

    Hundreds of Millionaires Giving Away Free Money

    Philanthropy is increasing like crazy as more and more billionaires compete with each other to help people in need all over the world. One of the greatest advances in philanthropy in my opinion was the creation of the GivingPledge.Org by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, this is a non profit organization which invites billionaires and millionaires all over the world to join and give away more than half of their wealth to help people.

    So for there are almost 100 signatories to the organization, with a combined giving of $500 billion. The Organization included the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill & Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll, Sir Richard Branson, Eli Broad and even Mark Zuckerberg to name a few.

    Finding Rich People Who Give Away Free Money

    You can find rich people giving away free money on the GivingPledge.Org, if you’re looking for other sources then you could try the top fifty American philanthropists from Business Week or the Forbes 400 Philanthropy list which includes Oprah Winfrey.

    Using these sites you’ll be able to read about the great philanthropists of this world and have a good indication of the kinds of hardship they support. Knowing the areas that these charitable foundations focus on will help you contact the organizations that could help you with your hardship.

    If you’re seriously considering asking for help you need to really take a good look at your hardship and ask whether you really need help, sometimes we can sort our problems out if we really put our minds to it, other times we need help from someone to make things happen.

    If you’ve got nowhere to turn to and you’ve tried government assistance then it might be worth turning to people offering free money. Some of the hardships that these organizations help with include homelessness, poverty, disaster recovery, medical treatment, medical bills, education bills, domestic abuse, and disaster recovery.

    Writing to Wealthy People Offering Free Money

    There are many ways you can contact wealthy people offering free money, the first step you should take is to visit the charitable foundation run by these wealthy people and look for programs that might help you. The normal practice is to fill in a form requesting assistance; other ways include drafting a hardship letter to email or post to the foundation.

    One of the crucial steps to successfully getting financial assistance includes writing a hardship letter that really connects with the foundation. You need explain in detail your hardship and the circumstances that got you there, you need to inquire about the program or ask for a donation and then finish the letter by describing how much of a difference it would make to your life if you got the help you needed.

    Names of Millionaires Who Give Like Crazy

    Here are the names and contact details of millionaires offering free money; you’ll have to take a closer look at their charitable foundation to see if they have any programs that might help. You’ll be able to find more non profit organizations by doing some research on the GivingPledge.Org.

    Another important point to note is that there is no certainty that you’ll get a donation and these request could take a couple of months to process, the best thing to do is contact as many charitable foundations which support your hardship.

    Jennifer Lopez Family Foundation Charity

    1100 Glendons Avenue
    Suite 920
    Los Angeles
    California 90024


    Jeff Skoll Charitable Foundation

    250 University Avenue
    Suite 200
    Palo Alto
    California 94301
    Telephone: (650) 331-1031
    Email: info(at NoSPAM)


    John Howard Charitable Foundation

    375 East Chicago Avenue
    Suite 529
    Illinois 60611
    Tel: (312) 503-6300


    Begging Sites for Online Money Donations

    If you’re looking for alternatives then you could try cyber begging sites, these sites allow you to post your hardship so that people can read about your circumstance and then donate money. Posting us usually free and if you can really make a positive connection with your audience you could make a lot of money. You could also use the power of social media to really hammer your message across, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could really take your message to the masses and you could make a lot of money.

    People Offering Free Money

    There are many people offering money and the best way to contact these people are through their charitable foundation, it’s very rare to get a donation direct from the millionaire and it’s worth taking your time to pick the right foundation that support your need. In reality this is a waiting game and requires patience, you need to contact as many non profit organizations as you can and hope that someone will help you with your hardship. While you wait you could try other ways to raise money using Cyber Begging Sites.
  2. BOZ1

    BOZ1 Apprentice

    Has anyone received help? I was looking for an investor of $1500. To be paid back with weeks. I'm a doll maker and the funds are the only thing holding me back.

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  3. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    To get investment here you must provide more information about your business plan.

    Do you have a crowdfunding account you can share so we can see your idea in detail?

    I wish you all the best.
  4. Uhnruh26

    Uhnruh26 Newbie

  5. Uhnruh26

    Uhnruh26 Newbie

  6. Derbygirl

    Derbygirl Newbie

    Happy friday. Wishing everyone safe journeys and lots of love for the holidays!!!
  7. Hi There.

    I hope everyone is having a great day.

    My name is Jose Luis Teixeira, im an unemployed music teacher and i wonder if anyone coul help me with this project

    Here is the link with the project description:

    I wish you all the best.

  8. marines 18

    marines 18 Newbie

  9. James Kirby

    James Kirby Newbie

    I am skeptical about these sites that seem to make it easier for people facing a financial hardship to get help. I am in the process of getting on disability and needless to say it has been a rough experience so far. I have not been able to keep up on the household bills and nearly a week ago my water and sewer was disconnected because I could not pay the bill. I did take a chance and make a Plumfund account to try and get assistance, so far nobody has helped. I expect that but I wont say it did not give me a little feeling of hope but as the days have passed that hope has begun withering. I do not know what to do and I am not able to work, I want to but the doctors say no, and my response is " how in gods name to expect me survive or even keep a roof over my head if you wont allow me to work?". Of course I get the blank deer in the headlights look and nobody will give an answer. So if anyone reading this feels they would like to try and make a difference in a persons life it would be appreciated more than you could imagine. I am going to try and post my Plumfund page here and hope for the best. Love, Joy and Peace.

    A hardship fund for Jim Kirby on
  10. firephoenix32

    firephoenix32 Newbie

    I am disabled and I have a kid, I can't work and I don't get any assistance from the government. I bake brownies and little pastres for money but it's obviously not enough. I am in a family home and my grandmother recently took the tqx exempt to her other house, now I have to pay a 1,200.00 tax note, and am falling behind on bills my fiancee left and I'm pregnant. I need to buy winter clothes for me and my kid and my baby will be here febuary 4, 2019... I don't have anything yet for his arrival. I will use the 3,000 for the tax bill and to buy a crib, baby clothes, winter clothes for me and my son (12)and the new baby. I have been running into scammers talking about send money so they can send me money. I really hope this is real.
  11. Derbygirl

    Derbygirl Newbie

    Please help my family thru this devastating time so many face. Im a fire victim of the northern California paradise fire. I have nothing but my immediate family and haven't been able to locate others that lived up in paradise as well. I have no resources, no vehicle, no cell phone, no were to get help.
    And Trump says hes cutting off aide to california victims as well. v2FIRE.paradise.sunday.11.11.18_5942.jpeg
  12. Derbygirl

    Derbygirl Newbie

    Thank you to everyone and bless you all.
  13. Drew Faulkner

    Drew Faulkner Newbie

    I've asked millionaires for help to get my company back but no one would answer. I feel behind this first year about 400k and I know how to fix it but its to late for me. unless there is a generous millionaire out there. but I can not keep my hopes up on that. I always wanted to become rich so I could help out others. I think that is why I took over this company. wish I had the knowledge I know now then when I did at the beginning of the year. if there is someone that could help then please contact me at . it would be a blessing to hear from someone today and get help. I'm going to talk to a lawyer today to see what I can do. if I can save this company or not. glad they do free consultations
  14. I don't remember feeling as helpless as I do at this moment. Let me begin with a bit about me and my position as it stands to date:

    I was born in 1971 to a single, young mother who got pregnant with me in the back seat of a car. My grandmother (my mom’s mother) raised me for the majority of my youth. During that period of time, my mother and I lived with my Grandma and my mom had multiple relationships that just didn’t pan out. One of those relationships resulted in a sister born, much like me, without a father being known. When I was 6 years old and my little sister was a few months old, my mother met a truck driver while working as a Go-Go dancer and got pregnant with twins. This time she married and he became our dad. He continued to drive truck while my mom still entertained men. My dad was a rough man with an awful temper that resulted in physical violence on many occasions, especially when drunk on whiskey and home from the road. My mom was the brunt of much of that punishment; however, as I got older, I received my share. This is the lifestyle I was raised in until age 9, when one of the twins that she had with my dad was killed during an accident, in which, my 3 sisters had snuck out of a window and went into the road in front of our house (ages 3, 2 and 2).

    The following years where much a blur, as we (the surviving siblings) became wards of the State and spent much of out time in shelter, foster, and group homes. Eventually, when I was 14 years old, my mom and dad were stripped of parental rights and we were put up for adoption. At age 15, still with my 2 sisters, we were adopted by the Grange family, residing in Mantua, Utah. The transition was not the best, but we were all together and for the first time in our lives, in a stable home, sharing the same last names. I had a great example set by my adopted father to work hard, develop a strong work/school ethic, and to commit myself.

    From that point forward, I graduated high school and then joined the United States Navy in 1990 as a Corpsman/Field Medic during Desert Storm. Following my Honorable Discharge, I began working hard in the civilian world, developing myself professionally and personally; however, transitioning in my career path towards Operations and Logistics leadership and management. In 1999 I married my wife (we celebrate 20 years on Jan 16, 2019) and have continued in my career pursuits, also returning back to college, adding a Bachelors of Administration in Business and an MBA. In the time we have been married, we have added 4 children to our family (3 girls and 1 boy) and we love them with all of our hearts. My wife is my better half and reason and main motivation for wanting to be a better man. She (Chelsea) often is my rock and helps me to keep my temper at bay. It does seem that some of the fathering traits that I experienced have made an impact on me.

    Moving forward to where my family and I are now, until October 19, 2018, I had employment as an Logistics/Operations Department Manager in a processing/distribution plant, having achieved a senior management position and a major milestone in my career. In accepting this role, we relocated to an area within a reasonable commute distance that also offered the State’s best education in respect to Elementary through High School for our 4 children. My wife finished her Bachelors and is now working for the elementary school, while preparing for a course to earn her teaching certificate. We live in a new home in a newer area of town, and all bills were reasonable to our income, with increased savings capabilities. In March of this year, my employer was bought out by a large public company and has now resulted in a business restructuring that further led to my position being dissolved; rendering me unemployed. I have been relentlessly applying and interviewing; yet, after over 2 months, I have not found new employment. Now with severance exhausted, receiving a maximum Unemployment compensation, bills have still fallen behind, our credit is crumbling, and we’re on the verge of foreclosure.

    With Student Loans in excess of over $160k, a mortgage on a new $250k home, a $300 car payment, bills going unpaid and increasing due to “fees”, no longer capable of contributing to our kids future college educations, and general costs of living attributed (less than $1000 in credit card obligations); I fear the worst outcome. Our marriage has been tested in the past and we’ve overcome the situations, but this circumstance is showing to be pretty powerful. I am not proud at all of this, but I have even thought of our home insurance clause that in event of a death, the home is paid in full and what my family could do with my life insurance policy. My soul purpose is to provide and not fail. I refuse to allow any of my family get even close to experiencing what I endured in my youth; however, at this, I feel that I have failed and my family is at risk. We need help! I’m not asking for anything other than help to keep us safe and heads above water while I continue my career search.

    We have accepted that relocation to find the position fitting is probable; however, we have made tentative plans that, if need be, we will take advantage of the long-term time lines associated with foreclosures in my State, to stay long enough for our children to complete the school year, then relocate at a later time to be with me in the area of my new employment. Doing so leaves a bad taste in my mouth; yet, I have to be strategic and keep my kids best interest at heart. I would be completely open to discuss any opportunities with organizations that you may know of, as well. We have worked so hard to reach where we are now and just fear that it’s all crumbling around us.

    Please understand that this plea for your help is extremely difficult for me and is a measure of last resort. If you should have any suggestions that might lead to a solution or other sources better to contact, do not hesitate to share. Even to be a thought in your prayers is very much appreciated.


    Jason Micah Grange, MBA
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  15. davidw

    davidw Specialist

    Hi, My name Lynn and i just want to share my experience with everyone who are in financial crisis. I have been hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and i never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts. Until one day i discovered a Man called Mr. Donald. I inquired about The Blank ATM Card. If it works or even Exist. They told me Yes and that its a card programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. This was shocking and i still had my doubts. Then i gave it a try and asked for the card and agreed to their terms and conditions. Hoping and praying it was fake. One week later i received my card and tried with the closest ATM machine close to me, It worked like magic. I was able to withdraw up to $6500. This was unbelievable and the happiest day of my life. I don't know why i am posting this here, i just felt this might help those of us in need of financial stability. blank Atm has really change my life. If you want to contact them, Here is the email address is And I believe they will also Change your Life
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  16. Tbing

    Tbing Newbie

    Wow, I hope you got the help you needed. Good Bless you
  17. tabbycally

    tabbycally Newbie

    Hello my name is Sarah and I wanted to share my story in hopes of receiving some help. I currently live at home with my parents, and mom is the only one who is working right now, and her paycheck goes towards the bills twice a month. My father can not work due to health issues and a bad heart. As for me I can not work either due to mental and health reasons. My dad's birthday is coming up on January 9th and my sister's birthday is Match 1st and I can't get them anything because of hard times. We just lost our car due to hitting a deer and we had to go through the process of getting one which were paying off twice a month. I know money is tight everywhere this I understand, but if you can please help us even if it's the smallest amount like one dollar, it will definitely help us out during these hard times. My adopted dad has allowed me use his PayPal as donations will go straight into my bank. ( I'm not allowed to have a PayPal I'm banned from The site so he allows me to use his) The Paypal is Please if you can help that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
  18. Oleksandr

    Oleksandr Newbie

    I am in Ukraine, I have such a problem. I got into debt (the apartment is pledged) and I can hardly cope with payments. That same COVID-19 was sitting without a robot and went kicking, I have a total debt of $ 30,000, but I am not asking that they throw $ 100 at $ 1 each. Creditors of the skin day to call for me to return the money, I can turn quickly. Maybe there will be people here, as soon as 30,000 people will throw off $ 1 each, then even you will not feel it, but I will stay at the apartment and stop calling me. So I want to live in peace without calls and threats. Thanks to everyone who will help the skin, maybe in such a situation. Sorry, but I don't know much English, I use a translator.
    $ 5375 4188 0042 8534
    Є 5375 4199 0070 0830
    Help solve financial problems - Uphatter Raise Funds Free Fundraising & Crowdfunding Online Platform
  19. vớ vẩn nó rất có ích với mình, thanks bạn nhiều nhé

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