People who give away money at christmas

Discussion in 'Christmas Assistance for Low Income Families' started by admin, Oct 27, 2015.

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    You might be surprised to know that there are many organizations and people who give money away at Christmas for free. These individual, companies and organizations can be contacted for financial assistance. If you’re struggling with money and need help with your finances then there are a number of options you have.

    In this Forum Post we look at some of the people, companies and organisations that give money away for free. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a donation it’s worth asking if you need help with money, even if you’re just given advice it might make all the difference between a bad Christmas and a good Christmas.

    Millionaires Who Lend Money

    If you want financial assistance during Christmas then there are a number of rich people who give money away for free. If money at Christmas is tight then most people usually go for a loan; if you want to avoid borrowing money then you could ask millionaires for money.

    Oprah Winfrey regularly gives out donations to her fans and to date she has given away a staggering $50 million to help needy families. Ellen DeGeneres has given away free houses and cars to her fans that were struggling for money. Both these celebrities who give money away can be contacted via their website contact page.

    Children’s Christmas Charity

    If you’re really struggling with money this Christmas and need help getting money fast then you can turn to organizations that give away free money. Local business and department store like to do their bit for Christmas and nearly all the big retailers have discretionary fund which they use to help needy families during Christmas. The reason these companies like to give money away for free during Christmas is to raise their popularity and give them free publicity.

    If you are interested then you could make a list of all the big retail companies and then contact them one by one. When you call them ask to speak to someone in their customer relations departments and ask if they offer any help during Christmas. Even if these big retailers don’t offer money they might be able to help you out with food, gifts and presents which might make your Christmas even better. The key to success here is to get in touch with these retailers as soon as possible so that you avoid disappointment.

    Charities That Give Away Free Money

    There are many charity organizations that give money away for Christmas, if you are really struggling with money problems then you can turn to charities for help.

    Salvation Army

    The Salvation army have been helping needy families every Christmas for a long time. They help by offering clothes, shelter and food and try and raise the spirits of the needy families. They provide support and ongoing monetary help until you get back on your feet. This is definitely a charity that’s worth contacting.

    When you make your call explain your situation to them and ask them what financial assistance they offer for needy families. If you can get free presents, gift, clothes and food during Christmas then it will make the holidays a little better. Again the key to success is contacting the Salvation army as soon as possible so that they can give you as much help as they possibly can, one of the reasons many needy families don’t get help is because they leave it too late.

    The Salvation Army Website

    Make a Wish

    If you’re child has always wanted something but you’ve not had the finances to make it happen then you can contact the Make a Wish foundation which specializes in making a child’s dream come true. If the child is disabled or has been having a tough time then you will get priority.

    Make a Wish have made many children’s Christmas magical and have even flown children all the way to Disneyland and even given them gifts that they always wanted. Get in touch with Make a Wish foundation through their website to see if you’re eligible for any financial help.

    Make a Wish Foundation

    Prison Fellowship

    Christmas can be a very stressful when there’s no money available, however the stress is compounded even further when there is a family member in prison. The Prison Fellowship Charity helps families come to terms with their situation and offers help with counselling. This charity also offers financial assistance especially during the holiday period so it’s best to get in touch with them as soon as possible to see how they can help.

    Prison Fellowship Foundation

    Friends and Families

    You should always turn to your friends and family at times of need, if you’re struggling financially then there is nothing wrong with asking for help. From time to time everyone falls into hardship, it can happen to anyone and if you can communicate your troubles with your family then there is a good chance that they will help. Even if they offer you advice or listen to your problems this will definitely be a weight off your mind.

    Saving for the Future: If you have income coming in but always struggling during Christmas then it might be a good idea to save a little every month. When Christmas comes you don’t have to ask anyone for money. Living frugally is the first step towards fixing your money problems, even if you save as little as $10 per week you can end up having $600 for Christmas.

    People Who Give Money Away at Christmas

    Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year and it seems to come around quicker every year. If you are struggling then don’t struggle in silence and see what help you’re entitled to. Ask your friends, families, rich people, charities and churches for money to make Christmas more bearable. There are plenty of people who give money away at Christmas and there is no shame in asking them for money.

  2. Hi I am desprite. My best friend is a single mother of 4 and has stage 4 breast cancer and cant work anymore. I have been doing everything i can to help but i am making min. wage. I just want her to not have to worry so much this winter 1 step at a time. I am begging for $1000.00 to get her kids winter clothes and christmas spirit! She does not know i am inquiring but i cant stand by and cry anymore! please help! Nichole
  3. I have 6 kids and all they all ask of is $100 and love !! I provide them with love and I just can't afford $600 without a job and Christmas I nearly here! Please if u can just email me at and let me know if u can help me. I have prayed and prayed please help me grant them there wish I can't tell u how much they have ask prior to Christmas and also last year!! Thanks please someone contact me.
  4. Benni

    Benni Newbie

    Hi there

    I am a mother of 3 desperate for financial assistance. I need money for rent, food, clothes and school fees for the kids. Was working and contract ended. Please help
  5. tabbycally

    tabbycally Newbie

    Hello my name is Tabitha and I wanted to share my story in hopes of receiving some help. I currently live at home with my parents, and mom is the only one who is working right now. My father can not work due to health issues and he is currently battling to get on his ssi. As for me I can not work either due to mental and health reasons I am currently in the process of battling ssi also. My father and I collect cans and sell them when we can but it just not enough to help. My mother's paycheck goes towards the bills twice a month but it's just not enough to help either as we still have to rely on food pantries to get us by for the month. Christmas may not happen this year as we have had a hard time recently, as we just lost our car due to hitting a deer and we had to go through the process of getting on from jbyrider which were paying off also. So I am reaching out in hopes of getting some help through donations. I know it's the holidays and people are busy plus money is tight everywhere this I underztand, but if you can please help us even if it's the smallest amount like one dollar, it will definitely help us out during these hard times. I adopted dad has allowed me use his PayPal as donations will go straight into my bank. The Paypal is I am not looking to cause trouble I just want to have Christmas this year as it's my mother's favorite time of year and this year it's a tough one for her. Please if you can help that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
  6. Derbygirl

    Derbygirl Newbie

    Merry christmas everyone. I know this is last minute but ive been trying hard to find help and no success. Toys for tots is not running in Butte County were i live. The salvation army first come serve sign up i didnt know about i missed and was told they are short funded actually all of the county is this year from the camp fire still i guess. I have an autistic child not a terminally ill one so i font qualify for make a wish .I'm not dealing with prison system so i don't qualify there . Im on a waitlist still for a furniture voucher from salvation army .my apt isn't till Jan 28. Ive had no bed since the fire and mine got ashes and bugs on it. Ive tried go fund for past few years on several occassions and i never had any bit of luck not even in favor for family members who lost everything or my dying friends last wish . Nothing i have ever posted on that site has got a dollar so i give up there. Ive been on cars for christmas and other donation sites last couple years. Im listed on cyber beg . I can't seem to get any were with government grants or even those resources help websites. Money that apeared awhile back on find some missing money isnt showing me anymore. I even paid and had the judgement paper sent to me then took it to my courthouse and asked them what do i do now cause now online it says nothing is out there. This is unpaid wages from a business that went bad and we filed and won through the labor commissioner. The courthouse lady tells me with a strange look on her face that my hard file just got burnt and she doesnt know why except that they are digitizing records instead of having paper nowdays and i should contact the labor board and state etc
    Ive sent several emails .left messages and no one will respond to me? So i guess my 1300$ from 20 years ago just became vanished conveniently. Into the governments pockets i bet. But anyways im down to hours before christmas and i have no food for dinner but frozen chicken. No gifts for my 3 young children . Boys ages 11&10. And my autistic daughter just turned 5 . Im asking anyone for anykind of help. I don't have any type of loan debts I've never owned s credit card and just recently experian and transunion can't even give me a Fico score. I know its been awhile since i was last here but my situation hasn't changed much except my daughter who I've been struggling with just got diagnosed 2 months ago. I dont have nothing more then strong arms and hard working skills. I'm very creative and a miss mcgyver type lady . I cant get a credit card keep getting rejected. I got a prepaid one. And i got a drivers license with excellant record but no car. I applied for social security disability for my daughter and im waiting on that . I have a or

    I also can pick up gifts if someone wants to be kind and go online to either a target. Walmart, were i can just go pick up the gifts . Please can someone make my kids believe in Santa still. I didnt celebrate last year cause of fire. Being evacuated almost a month. Come home to half of my stuff stolen trashed smoke and ashes . No renters insurance . No help from that. I dont even know if anyone will even read this tonight since its this time of year and all of you are having a good time some were. But otherwise god bless everyone . Happy new year. Drive safe, be safe. Spread kindness. A smile and opening a door can spread like a disease sometimes. Merry Christmas to all

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