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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by admin, Nov 9, 2015.

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    You might be forgiven for being skeptical when someone says you can get a personal loan from millionaires and rich people, it’s very rare however there are three options that you can pursue if you’re really determined to get a loan.

    The first option is to ask a venture capitalist for an investment in a business idea, the second option is to become a member of a peer to peer lending club and the final option is to ask generous millionaires for financial assistance. In this article we look at all the options which include names and contact details of people that can help.

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    Private Loans from Venture Capitalists

    If you’ve got a revolutionary idea that will take the world by storm then you should approach venture capitalists for investments, there are literally hundreds of venture capitalists who offer investment for a share in your business, and it’s very similar to the Dragon’s Den where entrepreneurs ask successful business for investment into their business.

    Business Plan & Presentation
    Get Your Pitch Right

    The reason why most entrepreneurs fail to secure an investment from an venture capitalist is because they have difficulty taking their idea and then using it to write a professional business plan. If you’re struggling to write a business plan then there are millions of sample business plans on the internet which you can use as a template, your aim should be to create a business plan that is distinguished and stands head and shoulders above the rest, such a business plan will land on the desk of a millionaire who’s prepared to invest.

    Another reason why entrepreneurs fail is because they pitch their idea without practicing, it’s very important that you practice until you’ve got a perfect presentation, you can practice on friends and family until you’ve got a professional presentation where you get all the positive points of the business across. You should also be prepared for any question and memorize all the business financials so that you can recall the information when questioned. On the link below there are several venture capitalists that you can contact if you have a brilliant idea and need investment.


    Personal Loans from Peer to Peer Lending Clubs

    Lending clubs like and have exploded onto the scene as more and more people are looking for alternative ways to borrow money; most people are declined personal loans at low rates and are unprepared to pay high rates for pay day loans. Peer to peer lending connects lenders who want a better rate of return with borrowers who want to pay less of their loan.

    You can join these sites and after you’ve had a credit check you’ll be given a rating, if you have excellent credit ratings you’ll get a loan at a low APR, if you have bad credit ratings you’ll get a loan at a high APR. Normally these loans will be much cheaper than payday loans and you won’t have to secure any valuables which may be required by bank loans. On the link below you’ll find strategies and ideas on how to save and make money along with contact details of people to people lending club.


    Loans from Millionaires You Don’t Pay Back

    If you’re experiencing hardship you might be able to get a loan from millionaires where you don’t have to pay back the amount given. A hardship would include help with medical bills, poverty, homelessness, financial despair, or disaster recovery. Some of the popular foundations which are run by millionaires and billionaires include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and The Oprah Winfrey Angel Foundation.

    You can find all the big billionaires and millionaires who give money away on the GivingPledge.Org, this is a non profit organization first started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the organization invites millionaires and billionaires all over the world to join and give away more than half of their wealth to help people in need all over the world. If you’re really experiencing hardship then there is no law that says you can’t contact them through their charitable foundation, there is no obligation on these agencies to offer financial assistance and it could take up to eight weeks to process the application. I have added links which has names and contact details of millionaires who give personal loans.


    Personal Loans from Millionaires

    You’ve got to be determined if you want to secure a personal loan from millionaires. You need to carefully choose which option you want to pursue and then relentlessly go about your business. If you’ve got a great idea and you’re an outstanding entrepreneur you should contact venture capitalists for help, if you’re looking to consolidate all your loans or want to improve your home then joining a peer to peer lending club will help you save money. If you’re experiencing hardship you could look at all the charitable foundations that are run by millionaires and ask them for help.
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  2. Cindy

    Cindy Newbie

    I am looking for help getting a loan. In 2013 my husband had to have lazier sugery on both eyes that started our financial problems. He went back to work but the in February 2015 he was sent back in to have more surgery on his right eye. He was not able to see and then he also had an injury on his foot that caused him to have to have surgery on his foot too. You see he is a diabetic and he will always have some kind of on going problems. I have had to stay home to take care of his medical needs. We are living in a run down 2 bedroom trailer with our daughter and grandchild. We have no indoor plumbing because the people who lived here before us never took care of anything. I need a loan to help us move and start up a small business of my own that I can run out of my home. So I can be there for my husband, daughter anc grandchild. My husband has been denied his disability and he has not been able to get a Federal Medical Waiver so he can go back to driving a semi. I am asking for a loan of $ 150,000.00 to get us into a decent home and start up a small business.
  3. I have a very unique situation. I need to borrow money. I don't intend on using any of it other than to establish money in an account for a very personal issue. My cause is 100% noble and verifiable. I have a good job and don't need the funds personally other that the specific purpose for establishing the money in an account. As mentioned earlier, I don't intend to use it at all nor do I intend to gain anything from it other than the noble purpose I have. Please contact me if you can point me in the right direction or are willing to help. Thank you so much.
  4. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    We need 35,000 I have it in black and white if you to see it If you can help we would be more than happy to have payment's because the money would get us back on our feet qand can get my home base business going for as we are both diabled and my husband is a retired Navy I just hope and pray that some one is willing to help It would be so gratefully helpful and really there's no words to say how we would a ppricate it thank you for you time if you take time to read it I don't want to be classified like the others we don't know what's going to happen with ss disability
  5. Naomi

    Naomi Newbie

    Hello I am in desperate need right now. I dont know what to do. I am trying to get a loan to help someone move this way where i am now. He is right now living in a run down slummed down apartment with no heat no bed no blankets no food. and i can not see him living like that. I need about 1000 to move him out here. can you or someone help me. I dont like seeing people without food or shelter or even clothing for that matter I have a place for him out here but i need to get him here as soon as possible I have things lined up for him out here its just getting him out here is the real issue. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!
  6. TAJ

    TAJ Newbie

    Hello there, slowly slowly i am getting sceptical of life. i am already depressed and on the brink of ending it all. I grew up in a small family who are not rich. sometimes we skipped meals. as i grew up, i got married and have 2 kids now age 11 and 2 years old. the problem is as i started to work it was ok, as the salary grew, credit cards came in. as the salary grew again, banks were asking if i wanted loans. foolish me took one loan then two and now with credit cards and loans on my head, my life is a disaster. I am in debt of 100,000. I have a house i can sell and i can get a profit maybe of 120,000 but i need to look for another house too. there are a total of 7 people living with me. This is a long term maybe 2 to 3 years down the road plan to get a subsidized house from the government. I have pension funds of 180,000 but cant touch them for the next 12 years. Now i am suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. i have tried to give my family a good life, to give them proper food to make them happy but .... further to add on to this, i will be out of job in June, i am trying to get another job as soon as possible but my age and education somehow hinders the ability to get a job that pays what i am getting now, or if i will even get a job. I will not be able to afford the monthly payments and dont know what else to do. if i was alone in this world, i will consider bankruptcy but i have a family. What wrong did they do. i cant do this to them. If i was alone, i might have already ended it all. I may still have to end it all.
  7. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    I know I'm in the same conditions as you I've tried everything the banks denied us for as are credit cards are maxed out and other bills even when they say bad credit is ok that's a lie the loan compa ny's say th3e same thing we are not be hind on any bills just want to put them in one payment which that would save mo0ney I know I can't find away to get a hold of the milionares and any other I just keep praying that something good will come out Have a wonderful day and try and keep your head up
  8. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    What I don't understand is that banks and loan companies advertise bad credit is ok then they slam the door in your face the only thing going august us is our credit cards are maxed out for what we pay on our credit cards would make the payment and money left over Alls I get is will,l never get a loan thru the banks are loan company's but I'm working on getting my M Homebase busniess up and running but I need money to put into my pay pal account so I can start making money instead of spending money but it's just the milliomares and the people that say they can or will help you can;t get a hold of them but ypou'll never get any answers that said we not looking for a free ride or lunch just need help getting back on our feet we are both disabled and my husband is Navy retir3ed Just thought I would vent a bit but ut's true Pray that everyone will have a wonderful day
  9. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist isn't a good one but you can look for your self
  10. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    I know what you mean they there's people out there that would help but not how to get in touch with them
  11. TAJ

    TAJ Newbie

    baby girl, thanks yours but i have lost hope. my days in this world are numbered if i cant get any assistance. i do hope things work out well for you.
  12. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    Just ,looking for help to put all our bill into one haven't found help as yet I know it's out there just trying how to get a hold of them pray that everyone has a wonderful day
  13. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    I know I'm as tried as you are trying to find help that all these people talk about I don't know know where to turn either I need help with my bills and and from Ia to Ky it would be nice but seems like everybody that has contacted either lied or just didn't repliey like they said they would
  14. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    Hope everyone had a good weekend Still looking for help I just keep praying that a mircale will happen in the next day or two
  15. sabina

    sabina Newbie

    does any now who is this woman and men thanks for responde
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  16. nicholas

    nicholas Newbie

    I'm looking for someone to help me . Ether lone or take this car off my hands

    2012 Kia Optima lx 2.4 White with tan interior. Nearing 69,700 miles. Needs to be refinanced under your name/ credit. Can reinstate warranty extension. Will need 2 front tires and headlight. Otherwise great deal for this car. Clean in and out, no damage. Need to sell due to moving out of area. text or call directly with any questions.
  17. Sammie j

    Sammie j Newbie

    Hello my name is Sammie and I'm looking for someone who will help me, I would like to buy a house but no matter how many hours I work after bills I'm barely left with anything for a deposit. Will someone help me so I can stop stressing I love working so I don't mind working long hours but I also want a house of my own please could anyone help me my email is
  18. Tiara

    Tiara Newbie

    Hello I'm tiara I hoping that someone will help me for my father hospital fee n my family
    I'm Indonesian but now working at Hongkong as domestic helper
    I really hoping that someone would be kind heart n help me n my family
    If there any of you want to help I will be very thankful
  19. Donna jones

    Donna jones Apprentice

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  20. Justinas

    Justinas Newbie

    Hi, Im Justinas Kuncevičius from Lithuania, I'm 26 years old.

    I search help, loan, job with computer from home or something to get out of this situation I'm now. Everything starting like 1 year 4 month ago, myfather was diagnose that cancer which everyone thinked he beats back and need expensive medicaments and other stuff. I take some credits to help my father since my mom not work and looked him all the time, because he can't walk becuase cancer was in his bones so need watch him all the time. Next weekend will be 1 year after he dead and I have debts that i can't pay monthly from my job payments. I get like 850 euro a month and 400 is for rent where I live, 80eur for taxes, keep like 30-40 euro for my monthly living need adn other money go to pay loands, I just want pay some of them and pay less every month. Like I said everywork which I can make with my computer will be acceptable, any money loan also, Im not begging free money I'm young and could work for them if just someone can offer something for me.
    Contact me if you have something to offer, my email is or skypename Hangmanas


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