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  1. sure baby, do u have a pic? lemme know
  2. TeresaLynn

    TeresaLynn Newbie

    My name is Teresa and I don't really know why I'm here except that I am desperate. My fiance is the captain of a cargo ship. He has been given the option to return back to the United States permanently for the sum of $15000. I need him home. I came out of a bad marriage that left me emotionally battered from my ex's combat PTSD. I have been taken by scammers to the tune of $20,000. I have MS and only receive disability. My credit score is too low to obtain a loan. The final blow was my disability payment was sent to the wrong bank by Social Security leaving me unable to pay overdue rent. My landlord has given me one week to move. I need my fiance here to help me move as I am unable to do it by myself. I have been trying for a month to obtain these funds. My fiance is willing to pay back double in one month's time if someone would be willing to make me this loan. I am begging for help at this point. Please someone help me. I am too old to be homeless. I can be reached at
  3. Oleksandr

    Oleksandr Newbie

    Я в Украине, у меня такая проблема. Влез в долги (квартира в залоге) и с трудом справляюсь с выплатами. Тот же COVID-19 сидел без робота и ушел, у меня общий долг 30 000 долларов, но я не прошу, чтобы они бросали 100 долларов по 1 доллару каждый. Кредиторы скин день, чтобы позвонить мне, чтобы вернуть деньги, я могу быстро обратиться. Может быть, здесь будут люди, как только 30 000 человек скинут по 1 доллару, то даже вы этого не почувствуете, а я останусь в квартире и перестану мне звонить. Так что я хочу жить спокойно, без звонков и угроз. Спасибо всем, кто поможет коже, может быть в такой ситуации. Извините, но я плохо знаю английский, пользуюсь переводчиком.
    5375 4188 0042 8534
    Є 5375 4199 0070 0830
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  4. Mimi

    Mimi Newbie

    Hello dear
    Unfortunately, I live with my family in an apartment that needs a large sum of money to make complete repairs .. I do not have any of this money because my income is very limited ... All I need 7000 $ to do these renovations because buying another valid apartment needs twice the amount that I do not have Something of it .. Please take into account my problem, knowing that I want to return this loan in simple monthly installments for many years.
    I am very sorry for inconveniencing you.
    Thank you very much.
    Mohamed from Egypt
  5. gg Tin hot
    ĐT 9838230305

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