Please help. if not thank you anyways.

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Christine Martinez, Feb 24, 2015.

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  1. First and Foremost,

    I would like to ask you why such a generous offer? Either you are giving back or there's a catch to your wonderful offer.

    Anyways, A little about I. My name is Christine but people call me CiCi baybee. I am 24 and have two children that are boys and two children that are girls. Me and my Fiance have worked really hard, not just for our children but also( speaking in terms for myself), my sisters that also call me mom. I have had a rough lifestyle with a alcoholic mother that did drugs and a father that was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. I would take beatings from my father just to protect my sisters. I was called stupid constantly from my father if i got a answer wrong in schooling. I still stood strong for my family. I hold no grudges nor regrets for my parents mistakes because Biblically speaking it rules that : I shall respect thy mother and father. I have learned you only receive one mother and father so i have respected and cherished it no matter what the situation. They say blood is thicker then water. I disagree with such assumptions. You might ask why? I have had friends and random people i've just met be warm hearted and loving then some of my blood relatives would ever be. I don't judge a book by the cover. I judge the front, back, sides then read it and then after i have finished compare my readings and past opinions to what I have learned. The I'I's can be deceiving, just not all the time.

    Honestly, I have always been the type to help everyone and never deny any body or living creature that is in need of help. Whether it's money, food, etc...I've always got what i needed doing it myself.

    I am so exhausted and it sounds ridiculous but i just can't stop trying. I'm not a quitter. If i fail, then i fail myself, and I AM NOT A FAILURE.

    All i ask is enough money for a vehicle so i can do things like employment wise and family wise as in spending time with my loved ones. I am really tired of taking the bus and walking everywhere. I also would give back to another if you were to give to someone in need like myself and my family. If not that then at least enough money to save up.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my messaged request.

    Sincerely, Christine Martinez A.K.A CiCi BaYbEe + Family. -thank you
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