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Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Debbie, Sep 7, 2015.

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  1. Debbie

    Debbie Newbie

    I'm a displaced wife. I left my husband as he is very controlling. Over the last 8 months I haven't had a phone I've had to use his. My car needs a new muffler, vehicle registration to be completed, a new battery, and the keys are missing so I have to buy new ones. It doesnt even have insurance on it. So I have been without a car for 8 months, my husband always wanted to take me everywhere. He put a lock on our bedroom door at night for fear that someone would come in to hurt us. He kept the key around his wrist so I had to ask to leave to go to the bathroom. 4 months ago I tried to get a job in my field, I had a job interview set up. My husband took it upon himself to call the potential employer and state I didn't need to take the job. All without my knowledge. We have our own small business, about three years ago I lost my job. My husband wanted me to work with him, he paid me no wages but paid the bills. We always shared everything and did everything together, I really trusted him. Over the last year it has been very difficult to get him to pay our mortgage, now I find out he didnt pay the mortgage and they are taking the house at the end of the month. When my husband set up this business I still worked to pay the bills so he could start a business that he learned from my family as my parents did the same type of work. My husband started to act this way the last 3 years all because he feels that I have been unfaithful. This is clearly not true. We have been married 37 years I've known him all my adult life. Now I am with out a home and car. I have no money as he has given me nothing, he had all the business checks made out to him and i found out that the business is in his name only. I have been told that he needs help but he is in denial I'm 55 years old I'm starting out again with nothing. I am at the bottom of resources and really need help please can someone help me get my life back together
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