Please help us to start again.

Discussion in 'Christmas Assistance for Low Income Families' started by Goshia, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Goshia

    Goshia Newbie

    Me and my partner are together 5years. We have been working for many years in UK. But now after becoming parents our life has started becoming very stressful. As only my partner was working we couldn't afford everything so we have started takes payday loans or some similar lending streams.
    My partner has been working as a self employed as a vehicle technician . He is great at what he does. He got 15 years of experience. Last year he has started renting a workshop but it was a disaster. Rent for that place was too expensive(everywhere else in the same town rent price was between half of this what we have paid). It was not easy to restart the business after someone. He did not have many customers at the start,but we needed to pay the rent for the place plus rent for home and other expenses. That business druged us down every month. We borrowed the money where we possibly could. Friends,families but we still struggle.Thanks God the business contract has finished and he doesn't rent that place anymore,(but we still have to pay last month rent)but we have been left with no money what so ever.
    My little boy has a birthday in 6days and we can not afford to buy him a present. He will be 4 he has never had a proper birthday party:(
    I have applied for many paydays loans but all have been unsuccessful as through the last few years we have been unable to repay any loans,and our credit history has began getting worse and worse. can not get help anywhere at the moment.
    We would like £50.000 so that will help us clear all of our outstanding debs and start a new life us a proper family. We have 2 children, age 4 and 1,5 years old. It could also help us, hopefully start a new business.
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