Please lend a helping hand to help fulfill my visions for business/ministry

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Kenneth Phillips, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. Hi everyone" I have somehow miraculously stumbled upon this page and quite grateful for it as well. Being that my financial struggle is holding me back from many great accomplishments. I am quite new to the internet and how business operates! But by the good grace of God, he has connected me to some amazing Affiliate/Entrepreneurship programs that I have been able to get access to! One being Wealthy Affiliate and the other Traffic Wave! Which within only a very short amount of time I have learned so much about online business with so much more to learn! It seems that I have everything that I need for success but one thing" and that is the funds to get the ball rolling! I have created two Affiliate sites at Wealthy Affiliate! One to promote electronics and the other fancy shoe products! However I cannot drive traffic to these sites nor further my training at WA until I become a premium member! Then I will have access to full package of creating as many sites as I would like. Which will be really fun and venturous as I have many ideas that just pop into my mind for business! I am also a poet/writer with the ability to create wonderful songs that people would love! I actually have many Country music songs written and three ready for Demo! There again lack of funds is holding me back from all of these wonderful ventures and ideas! Most of my family draw disability and cannot help me out. The hardships of my past has made me thrive for success as I was destined for. I once had a guy that did not even know me say that I was an Entrepreneur/Guru. Kind of shocked me because I did not even know what those words meant. But now it is all manifesting exactly as he predicted of me. My two wonderful daughter's deserve such a better father than what I have produced in the past. Its time I give back to them and many more through perseverance and dedication! If you find it within your heart to reach out a helping hand, I can assure you that your gift will be invested properly! Plus God will get all praise because even your wealth belong to him as do yourself. May God bless all readers of this very sincere letter of hope for a brighter future! Have a wonderful night.
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