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Discussion in 'Charities' started by Kat, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. Kat

    Kat Apprentice

    When I was still able to work I purchased a car when I was living in a suburb of Buffalo. I worked hard and paid my monthly car Payments on time religiously for three (3) years to Credit Acceptance. My psoriasis, scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis and the pain it causes grew increasingly worse. I had made my final car payment in October of 2011. I was so happy that I was able to do this on my own.

    In early 2012 my daughter in Brooklyn, NY suggested that I come and live with her and her husband. She said she missed me and knew I was struggling with physical pain. I agreed after some hesitation and came back to my hometown of Brooklyn to be with my daughter. She and her husband became pregnant with their first child. All of us struggling I could no longer pay my car insurance. I had exhausted what little savings I'd brought with me.

    My plates needed to be surrendered. But I needed a place to keep my car for free until I could get my car back on the road. My daughter and her husband brought my car to a nearby supermarket. The manager has them permission to keep my car in the store lot as long as it was out of the way of patrons. I stayed home to watch my newborn granddaughter. Plus, there was no way I could have walked or taken public transportation to that store. I had my daughter post a note on the windshield and rear window giving my contact number and stating that my car had NOT been abandoned.

    Two days after leaving my car I'm the store lot, my daughter's husband went to check on my car. He called my daughter to tell her my car was GONE. When she told me I almost fainted. Not only did I lose my car and it contents. I also lost my mother's ashes that were in the trunk. Later we realized that the manager was somehow in cahoots with the tow truck place. Because that truck came from way on the other end of Brooklyn to illegally and unjustly tow away my car. Once I got tow truck owners phone number I called and pleaded, begged and cried for him to PLEASE tell me where my mom's ashes are. Where's my car!! Oh God, the torture I'm still going through.

    My poor mother deserved better than whatever happened to her. For that, I have constant nightmares. I'm an only child (58 yrs old now) with no extended family. Just my daughter I live with and an older daughter that doesn't bother me. That's another story or due to the brainwashing of my ex-husband on her. Other than my daughters, I have no one else.
    Now I receive disability. Unfortunate for me, the amount is lower than $1000 a month. I can BARELY survive.

    I can't afford an apartment or even a room of my own. So I live here with my daughter. I'm so lost and trapped here. She gets to borrow her father's car now and then. I have to take car service to doctor appointments. I feel like a prisoner. My granddaughter is now three (3) years old and I watch her while her parents work. My daughter was just diagnosed with MS. So now there's added stress and anguish to an already overflowing plate of despair.

    I need a car, please? My own car. To go to the doctor's office. Or some food shopping (I get $194 in good stamps for me. But I buy food for the 4 of us with that because they stopped my daughters and he can barely pay the rent) I give my daughter $200 a month towards the rent. Plus I'll buy paper goods, food, etc when my food stamps haven't replenished. Or when they run out of food and all I have is my disability money. I bought my daughter a cheap recliner from because her back is in much pain and she had no comfortable place to sit. I'm in constant excruciating back pain, with joint pain added. But she needed the recliner.

    I'm generous with the very little money I have. I wish I could help everyone. I truly do.
    I'm sorry this was so long. But I needed to explain my story the best that I could. That tow truck owner is not a nice man. He took my car, my mother's ashes. He took my life that day when he took my car. After struggling and working paying it off every month for three (3) years. Devastating please someone help me with a car? I have nowhere else to turn. Can someone please help me?

    Thank you for your time, patience and consideration in this matter.
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  2. admin

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    Hello, @Kat and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. Thanks for posting. I read your entire post and I am sorry to hear about your circumstances and your transportation problems, I hope and pray things improve soon.

    I have shared this post on my Facebook and Twitter Page so hopefully, you might get a response because you are in genuine hardship.

    You must keep positive and pray to God for a solution, the more you pray the more you are likely to find a solution.

    You should also check out the content on getting a free car for low-income families. Here is the link below.

    Free Cars | Find Some Money

    You should also think about posting this story on a Crowdfunding site such as and It's easy to join and once you've written about your circumstances and added a photo and have been verified as legitimate you will have a Crowdfunding campaign that allows people to make a donation. You then need to share this post with everyone and hope for a donation. As you circumstances and hardship are legitimate I really think this is worth a shot. I have included a link below to help you.

    Help Tracy by Debi Bowen - GoFundMe

    Feel free to reply this message to keep the conversation going or send me a PM instead. As always I wish you all the best and hope your circumstances improve quickly.

    I Need 1000 Dollars in a Week! What Can I Do | Find Some Money
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