Police officer help request

Discussion in 'Asking Celebrities for Help' started by Edijs, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Edijs

    Edijs Newbie

    My name is Edijs and I from Latvia (Europe country). I am police officer and lonely father for my two small kids. At the moment I can`t resolve my family problem, so I looking for help.
    We urgently need 800 euros to save the place ( flat) where we are living at the moment. Unfortunately, no one here can help me, or simply do not want help. I shame because of that. As I`m said, I`m police officer almost 15 years. I have two small kids - Adrian 7 years old and Adelina 3 years old. We living in small flat (apartment area is only37m2). My monthly income is about 500 EUR. In our small country that salary for police officers it`s normal. Unfortunately, we also have a loan € 5000, so all my salary is not enough to pay all bills.
    I try to do my best and working hard, but get more money from somewhere else it`s not possible, thats why, all my salary goes to bills.
    People in my town not reach, my couple friends have family of their own, so at the moment I have no chances to get help from someone else.
    Until this moment I can pay my bills and flat rent, but couple months ago I paid all money that I have for flat repair (we had problems with the water and heating system), so for pay next bills I have no more money. Beacuse of that we haven`t any free funds to send Adrian to sport camp too. So situation for me is not pleasant. I have job, I can earn money for myself, but this 800 euros, that we need now "kill me off", because so many things we need in one moment.
    I`m not a fraudster or somenthing like that. I do not try get from people money for my pleasure, I just wanna save place where we living.
    If anyone can help us, I`ll be very pleased about that.
    My email: edijsaleksejevs@gmail.com
    P.s. Fraudsters, please don`t disturb, because i don`t make any prepaid or something like that. I wait only for normal people help or advice what I can to do in such situation.

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