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Discussion in 'My Story' started by SHANNON REED, Oct 7, 2020.

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    I'm trying to reach as many potential donors as possible! If my situation is within your perimeters for the type of help I need. I would greatly appreciate the support!!??

    PLEASE TAKE A MIN TO READ... SHARE!!!, AND OFFER ANY ADVICE OR SUPPORT YOU CAN!! I've made it as short as I possibly can

    I'm asking for your help!! PLEASE SHARE this for me??!! I've spent the last six months since becoming unemployed back in April due to COVID, establishing my business ALL BY MYSELF nothing outsourced. I've created my Google page, purchased a domain , taught myself SEO which has been successful top rank in Google search, new FB for dedicated for my business, LinkedIn business profile, EIN established, business bank account opened, equipment and software purchased and have the basics and able to service clients. But even with all those efforts I'm not getting any calls????? My insight numbers show I'm on the right track but must be missing something?? I've run the course of my unemployment next week will be my last, and if I don't start getting some business I'm gonna be in a serious financial situation!! I'm trying to raise funds to upgrade my website, I'm getting traffic w/ all my SEO efforts but people aren't engaging??!! I feel after visiting my website and how basic it is (free Google Business website) it doesn't reflect professionalism and possibly stops them from engaging. Also I need to purchase the tax preparation and accounting softwareb which is costly. I'd like to secure a yearly subcription so I wont those expenses monthly. I can't create debt for my business from loans or credit when I know it's not making ANY $$. I have applied for a couple grants but nothing awarded. Creating a request to the publicasking for money was a tough decision for me but I have to also remind myself THAT EVERYONE NEEDS HELP SOMETIME. Please help by SHARING this GoFundMe campaign with the hopes that someone will take notice that I am a serious committed entrepreneur and pay it forward by investing in me.Thank you to everyone that took a minute to read this and please SHARE to greaten my chances of donations



    Shannon Reed

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