So many in need, so many won't get it

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Erick Mckay, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Erick Mckay

    Erick Mckay Newbie

    A relative told me when Robin Williams passed, he was a coward.
    Sometimes ending your life is the best way to end with your suffering.
    I have gotten to the position where my soul feels like dead, my desire to fight has ceased.
    I have lost it all, car,job, health and faith.
    Just two months ago I was walking 2 blocks every night with a supermarket car with ten gallons of water to have it ready the next morning because my car was leaking rivers, yes, I was more concerned with having water to fill the radiator than gasoline.
    My car drove 8 blocks with a gallon of water, it was tedious but I had a transportation.
    My car was towed away because I couldn't fix it.
    I used he $200.00 I got from it to eat.
    Now every night I am so scared because I have asthma/copd and I feel now how do I get to the hospital if I have yo go?
    I am living with the thoughts of hanging myself, throwing myself in front of a car, how do I do it.
    All I have is $65.00 to live, once the money goes then what?
    All I have in my life is all my drawings and paints I do. Drawing ease my pain, makes me forget.
    I don't know what to do that's why I am here
    This coming wednesday Nov. 19th. 2014 I am getting evicted.
    Most of my friends already loaned me money, some I paid back some I haven't and that hurts me because I have lost a few friends because I could not pay them back.
    I am not looking for huge amounts of money just a little help to see a doctor, to be able to eat at least twice a day.

    I don't know if my paintings and drawings are of any value, but I would like you to see them here:
    I have titles as to kill myself, painless death, suicide,scared of last days to name a few.

    Yosoy El Artista IamErick | Facebook

    or at my FB

    Yosoyelartista IamErick

    Thanks a lot.
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