Some day, i'll be a philanthropst. satisfied with humanitarian for now, and ever.

Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by James Nuzzello, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. Hey, you want to know something Interesting. There is this Saint, called Philomena. She was killed at the age of thirteen, by a ruthless ruler. This barbarian wanted to take Philomena for his young bride. Philomena being a Christian, and gave her love and devotion to Jesus Christ, naturally declined the Ruler's advances. Now allow me to explain some more interesting mysterious facts. Look Saint Philomena up when your in the mood, just for yourself. She is an interesting person.
    The way I met her, is when I was about fourteen. There was this huge fire out in the distance. I cold see it from my house, I lived on a high hill. The next day I took my dog for a walk, and seen this house was burned almost completely down. There was a gapping hole in the side where a wall used to be, so I walked in. The entire room was burned into charcoal, but I looked at a table which was burnt to a crisp. On it was this little statue of a young woman. This statue didn't even have as much as a scorch on it. To me this was amazing, and really seemed as if it were a miracle. I really felt I was supposed to have been there to pick it up, and take it with me.
    Thirty years later after having been traveling all over the United States, I came home. I looked up this Saint by entering her description into the computer. The Saint Philomena statue, she is holding an anchor by the top ring with her left hand, which the bottom prongs touches the ground. She has three arrows in her right hand, which Saint Philomena holds next to her chest. She has a wearing crown of flowers, and a pink gown, and a green shroud, or some kind of poncho. The colors might be faded due to the heat of the fire. You can look Saint Philomena up yourself to read more about her.
    Here is the best revelation. I have an inspiration sending me in a new level. Humble House Foundation, a place in honor of Saint Philomena. If Saint Philomena wasn't killed at an early young age of thirteen. I believe her life would have been lived just like Mother Theresa, giving her soul, and her life to Jesus for helping His people. Now its my own personal determination to fulfill the purpose of myself, and use Saint Philomena as my spiritual guide, and dedicate Humble House to her. A life size statue will be over the fron door when I eventually form, and develop my foundation.
    Its going to be for homeless people to have a decent place rent free up to a year, until they find work to get themselves self sufficient. My foundation will have its own cleaning business, and provide a quality cleaning service to local down town businesses. I will set aside a new clothing account for depressed individuals. I am planning on helping ten good people who need it every year. There is really only one condition, as if they would remember the help they have been given, to pass it forward. If they eventually become able to be in the situation to help one person, it would be appreciated. I'll eventually do this first on my own, and will need some help. I already have two persons qualified for my director, and lead person. These key people will find ways for the Humble House Foundation to receive non profit status. And find the most needy, but deserving individuals based on those two requirements alone first. Sounds like a pretty good idea, because I say it is. Thank you, and peace and hope be your destiny. 'Be immune to rumor' Jimmy Nuzz

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