Stranded father desperately needs financial help

Discussion in 'Asking Millionaires for Help' started by Wayne, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. Wayne

    Wayne Newbie

    Stranded father with two young children without any means to help himself. Desperately seek financial help.
    My story in short:
    A 3-4-month work/vacation to South Africa to begin work on the new orphanage in Pretoria turned out to be a 3+-year nightmare for us, which is not over yet. I have been fighting for my freedom and to receive the code to access my contract money, which is being held in SBC Bank Thailand.
    I was held in prison with no formal charges while my children were separated from me and cared for by strangers hired by the Government.
    After several attempts of paying their demands, believing their promises & signed court documents to release me, they took the money and ignored the courts and demanded even more money. My wife (in Washington State, USA) drained our bank accounts, borrow heavily to meet their several demands. After more than a year they sent us to Cyprus where a lawyer took my case Pro Bono and has been working diligently to find a solution. He had pleaded with the SA Gov. and finally reached an agreement with signed court documents stating after payment is received I would be definitely released. Again my wife had to borrow money to send their demanded payment, my lawyer demanded another document before the money was sent—they refused the money saying they couldn’t release me.
    The S.A. Judge residing in court wrote a document stating the Gov. had extorted money from me and if they try again they would be held to face the court of law.
    I was ordered by the judge to pay more to gain my freedom and code. My wife, after several weeks of trying, found someone to lend her the money, when the judge received the money I was freed with the code, but not free to leave Cyprus. I thought “thank God” it is over only to find I have to pay 4% taxes to Thailand due to the account being dormant for so long.
    We have exhausted all means to gain money to pay these taxes and without doing so I can’t pay my debts or return home to unite my family. I am very scared & concerned for our welfare and if Cyprus deports me back to S.A. –I will never be able to come home and my children would be at the mercy of Cyprus, we have no money to get them home.
    I am not asking for a hand out but only a short term loan. The bank stated to me and my lawyer that I will have full access to my account as soon as the 4% taxes are paid. We have pleaded with them to make an exception and hold the tax money but they refused it was against their policy.
    Please find it in your heart to help this father and his children. My lawyer will supply any documents, or information to help you make a decision.
    God Bless You
  2. Asad Manzoor

    Asad Manzoor Newbie

    Hello everyone. I am Asad Manzoor from Pakistan. I came here for a purpose and the purpose is to seek help. Is there anyone who can help me to pay my debt which is almost 6000 US dollars? I took a loan from my family members and colleagues which I am unable to return. my financial condition is not good in a situation where I pay the debt. I request you all to please help me in this regard. My Account details are given below.
    I have no money to pay my debts I earn a very mere amount by which I run a house circle paying house rent and the expenses of baby and wife. I have nothing to pay. Please help me with this regard. Thank you
    Asad Manzoor
    Cell: +92-321-5777759
    Bank of Punjab (Shadman Branch) Lahore Pakistan
    Branch Code :19
    IBAN: PK17BPUN6030047347300017
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