Unemployed man with disabling diseases needs a money help, please read

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by hope2020, Nov 4, 2020.

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  1. hope2020

    hope2020 Newbie

    Thank you for reading my story.
    I'm an unemployed man, unfortunately with a mysterious disabling disease. It began suddenly 3 years ago: it's a big muscular weakness, something similar to cfs, cronic fatigue sydrome. I have big problems in walkings, but also in doing everything. My life quality is bad: no work, no girlfriend, no holidays, nothing. Only hope. When I take a train, I go to a doctor. I'm always at home. At rest. I've done a lot of medical tests, but yet I don't know what my disease is, which is the cause, and the cure! Meanwhile, I've spent a lot of money in useless medicines, medical tests, specialistic visits...I keep on going in this long tunnel, only hope helps me.
    And I hope someone will give me a little financial help, any amount...For me every dollar or little part of bitcoin is a precious gift.

    BTC 3GgG3pr17KicXHGeP9e74sSa5gdzbkE5pa

    Thank you for reading my message. Excuse me if it was too long. Have a nice day.
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