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Discussion in 'My Financial Meltdown Story' started by EffortForDreams, Dec 25, 2020.

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  1. I tried to go through the entire world by myself, however I did not expect that some people in the world want to forcibly take away other peoples' money, assets. I thought I did everything right, from when I was very young I worked to save money for college, didn't ask other people in the way, had made enough to pay my degree. I thought not wishing others harm would in return not cause me harm. But then I got mugged while travelling with all my belongings to my college over several instances, I currently do not have a way to pay for upcoming spring semester of my college. My mistake was not putting my money in a bank, it was not wise to travel such large distance with all my money. Now that I do not have money anymore, I feel that everyone hates me. I see the look on peoples' faces when I am buying the cheapest cereal on store, these do not seem as respectful as look on peoples' faces after dining in the finest restaurant. I see how people give a look nowadays when I wear the same cloth over and over again, it is not as good when I had closet full of clothes. Do you think I like sewing, of course not, my clothes came out torn after putting in washing machine that I had to buy needles to sew these together because new clothes seem so expensive. The second mistake I made was to try to replace the amount of money that I lost, during which I had more troubles. I was hoping to pay for my college degree with the money, assets I had saved all my life. Now, I do not have enough capital to start a business or entrepreneurship or investment, to have profit to fund my degree. Because of being too young, I can not take loans. I feel like I do not have an opportunity to have a college degree because of not having money. I feel like I am out of means to make myself new money. While my degree in total costs about 206000 USD, this spring semester the cost is 23000 USD. And the deadline to pay this 23000 USD for this spring semester is in few weeks. I do not even have money to buy myself proper food this christmas. With very hard efforts while opening account, subsequently I have put together 25 USD to open a checking account. Every bit of support helps :

    Account Number : 501024894050


    Bank of America Address:

    Bank of America, NA 222
    Broadway New York, New York

    I had hoped to good for this world, I hope I am given a fairer chance, thanks in advance

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