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Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Thirumurugan, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. Thirumurugan

    Thirumurugan Newbie

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Thirumurugan from Chennai,India. I have cheated by Clement Jones agent=
    .I have given his Passport ID proof for your expediency. He agreed to send =
    few Indian to UK Birmingham Hotel for 2 Years Work Permit,for that he asked=
    Rs.16,50,000 lakhs =3D $25,000 Dollars.I have deposited the money in the a=
    ccount whichever he asked and I have attached the bank challan scan copies =
    for your reference. He got all the money from my side and left to India cou=
    ntry. We have filed a Case in Chennai Commissioner office,Cops said that,he=
    got escaped from India,since its difficult to catch him.I am a poor man,If=
    I had found that UK opportunity ,I would have settled all my debts and got=
    well settled in my life.Unfortunately, I have lost it. I am paying interes=
    t for the money which I brought them from my Creditor.I am not a time passe=
    r or cheater.I am in deep trouble since I am jobless/cash less and helpless=
    . So please help me as far as you can.I hope I will be getting a very posit=
    ive response from you. If you help me,I will repay you for sure.Thanks in a=
    Name : Thirumurugan T
    Address : No:73,Flat No : F-3,IInd Main Road
    Alwarthirunagar Annexue,Valasaravakkam,Chennai-600 087
    Email ID : thiru_kingmaker@yahoo.co.in
    Best Regards,Thirumurugan T+91-8124188788
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Newbie

    Sandy Pope
    PO Box 1045
    Verdi, NV 89439I am writing this letter to share my experience and my ability to keep striving. I currently have $47,000 debt without a lot of optimism on how to keep up. I have recently left an emotionally abusive marriage and felt that I had no choice but to leave with only my clothes, dogs and my car. I left behind my home of 24 years anditems that I cherished but with a positive attitude and a sense of emotional stability. I had joint custody of my two girls and was able to spend 4 days a week with them. The court ordered me to pay $600 a month in child support because my ex's address was considered their primary residents. I rented a small room with nothing, not even a plate to eat off. I built up to a one bedroom apartment and then a two bedroom apartment and eventually I managed to rent a 3 bedroom house where my dogs and girls would be comfortable. Shortly after moving in I was in a major car accident that left me with severe back and neck injuries and I was unable to work as I once could. I was struggling once again. Shortly after, I was shocked to hear that my ex husband had stopped paying the mortgage on the house that I had co bought with him. My 850 credit score was now destroyed to 520. I talked to him and said I would take over the house and bring the loan current. With the housing market being in the gutter he was more than happy to transfer the burden to me. I moved back into the home.
    It was dilapidated and in need of many repairs, but I managed to bring it back to a comfortable place to live and we were happy and felt that after all our hardships we were moving forward. After 4 years of living in the home my ex expressed that he wants to sell the house. Prior to moving back in, I wrote an agreement that I would assume all responsibility of the home and that my ex would give up all interest. We both signed and had this document notarized but the courts reverted to the original divorce decree that granted me only a small portion of the proceeds. With the housing market recovering I was forced to sell and walked away with only enough to buy a fifth wheel trailer to live in. This is the largest part of my debt. The type of work that I can do now does not allow for me to keep up with the bills. I have been diagnosed with skin cancer and have been receiving treatments for the recurring lesions. The treatments are painful and expensive. I took a title loan on my car to pay for the treatments. I am struggling
    to hold on to what I have. I pray that I will not suffer another set back and am happy with what little I have now. Sincerely,
    Sandy Pope​
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