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Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Sabrina, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Sabrina

    Sabrina Newbie

    We dont normally ask for help or do anything like this. We just don't know what to do anymore. I am a disabled stroke survivor with multiple sclerosis. My husband and I have 2 small kids and we are very recent fire victims (04/09/15). We've fallen way behind on all of our bills, credit cards, ect. As a result of the fire and recent move to Kentucky from Louisiana to be with family which has just refused to help us in any way possible. I had a stroke in April of 2014, Our vehicle has broke on us numerous accounts just this year alone. The license plates expired January 2015 on our only means of transportation that we drove from Louisiana. We've been having difficulties trying to get it registered, due to the title getting lost in the mail. Close to four times now and we do not have the money to keep trying to fix it.Nor do we have the money to register it because it is registered from out of state. It would be cheaper for us to get the money together to try to get a new vehicle which we are approved for. That would have a warranty with no mechanical or registration issues.Everytime we drive it we're afraid it will leave us stranded on the side of the road or even worse that we will get pulled over and get a lot of tickets which we have no money to pay. We have been driving on expired tags for a year now. Our transportation is just not reliable nor is it safe to drive at all. My husband has missed many days from work and is on the verge of getting fired due to our only means of transportation breaking down. We have been approved for a new vehicle however, We do not have the money to get the necessary amount that is needed for the down payment. This amount is $2000 this includes tax title license and gap insurance. We will be trading our current vehicle in. The payments would be a lot cheaper about half of what we are currently paying now on our payments. I have to drive over an hour one way to see my specialist 2-3 times a week for doctors appointments as a result of my stroke and recent diagnosis of MS. We really need a means of transportation that is legal and dependable to get me to all of my appointments. As well to get my husband back and forth to work.We lost everything we owned in the fire. We have no furniture, clothing ect from the fire. We both have fallen into a sever state of depression and our marriage is on the rocks from everything that has happend to our family all at once. The only place we could find after the fire is close to $1,000 a month for rent. We had no other choice but to rent this place due to us living in a motel for a month and we were getting put out of the motel due to no more funds to pay for it. Now we had to sign a year lease which we're stuck in. I do receive disability, we also get $40.00 in food stamps, this is not very much and is issued once a month. This does not even cover half of the rent and then we still have our electricity, water, phone bill, all of my medication, groceries ect. My husband only gets $8.00 per hour on his job and he cannot afford to take any days off due to all the bills. My husband can not go and look for a better paying job because he can not take a day off from work because we have to keep a roof over our heads, and the transportation issues. We had to send the kids to their mother because of our current financial situations. I do have medical insurance but my co pays for my medication is close to $200 a month. I was a student studying criminal justice I was receiving financial aid for, but I had to withdraw from my classes due to my health and illnesses after stroke. Doing so left me owing a tuition balance of $1,600. Now I will not be able to get back into school until this is paid for. This to has gone into collection's. and since I owe this amount for tuition I am NOT able to draw anymore financial aid for my schooling and this was helping us to survive financially. We are really needing some assistance to help us get our bills caught up. As well to help us get reliable means of transportation and hopefully get some of our bills caught up and out of collections. All assistance will be greatly appreciated this will help us a great deal. We really hope someone can help us. Thank you so much and God bless!
  2. baby girl

    baby girl Specialist

    I know I'm in the same mess I need a8,000 by the middle of the month we sold our house but came up 8,000 the contract and everything is done but to get help I don't know where to turn I've tried getting ahold of some of the people that help but I couldn't find anything just that they help the neededyWe have to be out of here by April if not before We really need help My husband is sick everything is just hitting all at once If you know antone could you let me know my email address is catbebee@hotmail.com
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