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Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by Anthony, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Anthony

    Anthony Newbie

    My name is Anthony and I am contacting you on behalf of my friend and future wife, Marilyn. She is 51 years old and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Her oldest is 31 and gave her 2 wonderful grandchildren. Kahla, her 19-year-old, is her special needs child. She has multiple disabilities, epilepsy, seizures partially autistic, ADHD, scoliosis, schizophrenia, add, and a few more, Kahla takes a whole small pharmacy of meds. She will always live with her mom as she has the mind of a 9-year-old. Dylan, her 15-year-old, well he is a normal 15-year-old boy.

    Miss works 2 jobs and is currently also going to school at night at the Culinary School Le Notre in Houston Texas to become a chef. Her dream is to open a restaurant in Houston that will cater to comfort foods from around the world called “The Comforts of Home “.

    She is also a lead cook for Aramark at NRG Stadium in Houston Texas, and also works for Scholastic Book fairs as a Merchandiser. Kahla is in and out of the hospital quite often because of seizures and recently spent a week there for Grand Mal seizures. As a result, Marilyn was unable to make some payments on her van and it has since been repossessed and sold at Auction.

    Now this puts her 2nd job, Scholastic Book fairs, at risk as the Merchandiser position requires her to travel SE Texas schools from Houston down to Galveston to help set up and maintain the schools Book Fairs. Since she cannot travel for this job she loses not only hourly pay but also gas mileage pay which makes her have to rely on the Aramark job to pay for everything else.

    She has been late on her rent every month now for about 4 months and I do not know how much longer the apartment complex will work with her. So now there is a danger of eviction to go with everything else. I try to work from home and watch the kids for her while she goes to school and works as much as she can. She is under tremendous stress and is developing high blood pressure now too.

    The children, Kahla and Dylan are aware of everything too so they are under a lot of stress too and they take their frustrations out on each other which also adds to Marilyn’s stress levels too. I am writing to you to beg you if need be, plead with you if need be, is there any way in your heart that you could please find a way to help her? I am so afraid that she is going to lose everything and wind up on the street with nowhere to go and she is trying so hard to provide for her family. I am trying to find work but it is not easy for me to find work right now. Something that I am not proud of.

    It kills me every day to have to watch her work so hard and stress so hard when I should be the one making the ends meet. I am doing some little stuff from the computer at home, website testing, surveys and some other little stuff. We have a small business we are trying to get off the ground in the midst of all this too. That is little or no help from time to time. But everything is just piling up and I don’t know how much more she can take. Please is there any way that you can help Marilyn? I pray to GOD every day for strength for all of us. May GOD Bless you in everything that you do. Thank you for your time. Anthony Donald Chandler

    reach me at chandler.anthony.d@gmail.com for questions
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Hello, @Anthony and welcome to The Find Some Money Forum. I read your post and I was very saddened to hear about Marilyn and her present circumstances. I hope and pray things improve soon.

    I believe Marilyn's circumstances will improve and I suggest you start by contacting an Epilepsy charity to get advice and guidance on Kayla and how to get help for her disability. As a carer you should be eligible for welfare benefits and these charities will explain all the options you have available to you.

    Epilepsy Foundation

    I'm also sorry to hear Marilyn's cars been sold at auction which puts her at risk of losing her job. Your priority would be to speak yo your employer and to explain your present circumstances. If Marilyn's employer is compassionate enough to realize true hardship then I am sure they will offer some sort of a solution so Marilyn can keep her job. Alternatively, you could try applying for a free car. The link below shows all the ways in which you could get a free car.

    Millionaires Giving Money: Where Can I Get A Free Car For My Family 2016?

    You also state that Marilyn is behind on her rent payments. What she must do is open a line of communication with her landlord and explain her present situation. You must not ignore the situation and explain in detail everything to your landlord. If you find it difficult to speak about your circumstances put everything in a letter and send it to your landlord. You must try to come to some sort of an arrangement, otherwise, there is a big risk of being homeless.

    As you are on a very low income with a large household you may be eligible for rental assistance. I would urge you to visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development to check if you are eligible for help.

    Rental Assistance/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    Lastly, I would suggest you start a crowdfunding campaign for Marilyn and her dependents. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a good cause. In my opinion, Marilyn would be eligible for help and many people would donate. You can use crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe: #1 for Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites and www.FundAnything.com to set up your crowdfunding campaign. I have linked some examples below so you can see the potential power of crowdfunding.

    Give Keith a lift by Addam Smith - GoFundMe

    Finally, I hope you act on these suggestions, the more proactive you are the more solutions you are likely to find. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.

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