What is the best way to become rich - the mindset of the wealthy

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    If you’re fed up with being poor or being trapped in a middle class lifestyle with overburdening debt then you’re probably yearning for change. You can become rich if you change the way you think and make permanent changes to your habits.

    If you’ve just started out on figuring out how to become rich then the best advice anyone can give you is to increase your financial literacy by learning more about financial IQ and Financial Intelligence. Reading books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill will really open your eyes so you can finally figure out where you’re going wrong.

    Learning about personal finance is the most leveraged action you can take if you’re really determined on being rich and wealthy. Here are 7 habits that you should adopt in your daily life if you really want to get ahead.

    #1: Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work
    How to Become Wealthy – Obvious Rule

    This is the most obvious but overlooked habit, if everyone rewarded themselves for their hard work first then they would be in a much better financial state. If you think about it’s obvious! You work hard, you wake up early, and you travel to work and do something that you don’t enjoy and at the end you’re compensated with a wage or salary.

    This money is used to pay everyone and then if there is anything leftover then you might save the measly amount. A better habit to adopt would be to save at least 10% of whatever you earn and then stretch your money to cover your expenses.

    If you can increase the amount you save to 20 or 30% then you’ll be in great financial shape. If you can increase your savings to 75 to 80% you’ll be able to retire relatively quickly.


    #2: Know How Many Hours of Work You’re Spending
    Fastest Way to Get Rich – Don’t Waste Money

    Every time you spend money think of it as the hours it would take in terms of work to pay for the item, this definitely deters reckless spending which means that you can save and invest even more. If you earn $10 per hour and want to buy a pair of shoes for $300 then is the pair of shoes really worth doing 30 hours of work for.

    Thinking about money in terms of hours worked really gives you financial clarity to make better decisions. Using this thought process a middle class family could potentially slash their budget significantly.


    #3: Avoid Negative People and Surround Yourself in
    Easiest Way to Get Rich – Avoid Negative People

    Being surrounded with negative people who are poor with their finance will affect you, your mentality and the way you think will become detrimental to your goals to become rich.

    A poor person thinks about the past and the misfortune they have had and wait for redemption via a winning lottery ticket while rich people think and look for opportunity, they have had the epiphany that opportunity is the real name of luck and they always keep their eyes open to make more money. Surrounding yourself among positive people will give you confidence belief to emulate their success.


    #4: Don’t Look for Luck, Look for Opportunity
    How One Can Become Rich By Looking for Opportunities

    Don’t attribute other people’s riches and wealth to luck, saying that they are lucky gets you off the hook and are a mindset developed by surrounding yourself among negative losers.

    Instead realize the truth which is the are successful because they know what a good opportunity looks like and have the ability to seize that opportunity of a regular basis, luck has nothing to do with it.

    Try it yourself, keep your eyes and mind open for a week looking for opportunities to make a profit and you’ll be amazed how lucky you become!


    #5: Confront Your Spending and Savings Habit
    Spend Your Money Wisely

    If you spend more than you earn then this is a recipe for being poor and broke, conversely if you spend less than you earn then this is a recipe to become rich and wealthy, it really is that obvious. The more you save the richer you become.

    Think of your money as a employee, the more employees you have working for you the more money they make for you. You’re ultimate aim should be to use your wealth to generate enough income to cover your living expenses so that you can become financially independent so that you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do.


    #6: Look For Investments with a Reasonable Rate of Return
    How to Invest to Get Rich

    When I first started accumulating money I kept on losing it by listening to advice offered by inexperienced people on investing, I always looked for return and gave little consideration on risk and lost my fortune many times.

    If you want to invest your money then don’t be advised by others unless they are an expert in that particular field, ask to see their track record which will reveal how good they are with money.

    Instead take the bull by the horn and learn to invest yourself by reading at least 20 books on the subject to become an expert. Once you become an expert you’ll make the right decision seven out of ten times and you’ll be able to find investments for a reasonable rate of return.


    #7: Pray & Give Back to the Community

    A lot of people don’t believe this but it has really worked for me. Whenever I was stuck in life and felt like I was making no progress I prayed, I prayed a lot and always supported and gave back to the community.

    Each time I had misfortune I did this and was able to bounce back stronger and more capable, I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve trained my mind through prayer and giving that setbacks do happen and you have to bounce back quickly and learn from your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

    Practicing these seven habits day in day out will really help to increase your riches and wealth, the more proactively you practice these habits with the belief and conviction that you will be wealthy the quicker you’ll get rich.


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