What is the cheapest way to whiten skin naturally?

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by LaughDontCry, Dec 7, 2015.

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  1. LaughDontCry

    LaughDontCry Newbie

    This site has really inspired me to save money, make money and invest money. Some of the forum posts have really helped to open my eye. I wanted to post this question to see if there were any ways to naturally lighten skin as I have a pigmentation problem and I don't want to spend more money on products and treatments to control my hyper-pigmentation. Does anyone have any natural skin whitening pigmentation removing remedies they can share? I know its a long shot but I'm anticipating!
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  2. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    If you have a uneven skin tone or have really hyper pigmented skin and you don't want to spend $1000 on products that claim to whiten your skin then you need to start considering what the best home remedies are for skin whitening. You might be surprised to know that every day household products are used in these expensive products that desperate people buy. When you are making these remedies at home you can purchase these products on market stalls and supermarket for the fraction of the price that you would have otherwise paid. The best ingredients that I would recommend you buy to make your skin lighter are honey, lemon juice, turmeric powder and yogurt.

    Honey is great for the skin; if you can buy pure honey then this is even better. Honey has great antibacterial properties which means that not only will you be making your skin brighter but also help yourself avoid breakouts if you have acne prone skin. The best way to apply honey to the skin is by using a spatula. Make sure your skin is clean and then start to apply the honey liberally. You should leave the honey on your skin overnight for maximum effect. To really turbo charge the whitening process you can heat the mixture ever so slightly. Pure honey is great for evening the skin tone too.

    Another great home mixture is lemon juice, lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent which evens out the tone of the epidermis. Lemons can be bought very cheap and can be squeezed to make juice. This can then be applied to the skin liberally. The juice works by penetrating the upper layer and reduces the production of melanin which is responsible for hyper pigmentation. By reducing the amount of melanin in your skin you can have a clearer and whiter complexion. Sometimes your skin can dry out however if you remember to use a good quality moisturizer then this can be avoided.

    Turmeric powder has been used for centuries to make the skin glow. It works by reducing the melanin production in the skin and evens the appearance of blotchy skin. This powder can be brought at any good spice store and is relatively inexpensive. What I normally do is add some water to the turmeric and mix to make a paste. The paste is then applied liberally to the skin and then left overnight. Make sure you have a towel on your pillow to avoid bleaching the pillow case. You will normally start to see results in about 10 days. The key is remaining patient, you will probably not even notice the change after 10 days but your friends and family will.

    Finally yogurt is also great to lighten the face. Yogurt is very cheap and I would recommend pure tangy yogurt. The more concentrated the yogurt the quicker you will appear whiter. The yogurt should be applied on the skin quite liberally and then left for about 2 to 3 hours. You should see a difference in about 2 to 3 weeks so you need to be patient. You have to see what works for you. Once you find the best remedy you can stick to this or you could mix up all the products and apply it all at once.
  3. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    You could try making your own facial mask to save money. If you want a good quality face mask then sometimes you have to pay through the nose for these products. If you check through the ingredients list then you will see that some of the ingredients may be familiar. If you can buy these products or similar ingredients then you too can make your own face masks that make the skin glow. The purpose of a good quality face mask is to remove as much dirt from the pores of the skin and to even the tone. You can use a lot of natural ingredients to create this face mask; I normally put all the ingredients into the blender and then blend until smooth. Some people even go as far as blending these products at home and then selling them on places like eBay.

    The first ingredient that I put into the blender are sugary fruits such as plums and banana. These fruits contain alpha Hydroxy acids which helps to remove the upper layer of the skin which contains dead skin cells. When the dead cells are removed on a regular basis the skin tone appears more even, it also gets rid of the blotchy face look. Many expensive face masks contain alpha hydroxy acid which is just fruit sugar.

    Another ingredient that I would include is honey, turmeric and lemon juice. These are great ingredients to combat dark and pigmented skin. Many people use these items to make their skin lighter and whiter. The reason I like putting these into my face mask is you start to notice a difference within a week and the face really starts to glow.

    Another essential ingredient that I like to use are crushed nuts. When this is finely crushed it acts like an exfoliator and when you start to remove the mask you can give the face a good scrub to remove the impurity. Nuts have a very strong cleansing property which is why many expensive products contain nuts.

    Once you put all the ingredients into the blender you can start blending until you get an even consistency. What I do is I place the mixture in a container and leave in the cupboard for a few days to settle the ingredients. You should apply the face mask a few times a week, do not over do it as it might dry up the skin. It is essential that you use good moisturizers to compliment the regimen. These ingredients should help with your hyper-pigmentation problem and you should notice lighter skin after a few weeks
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  4. Ammo_Ram

    Ammo_Ram Newbie

    Did you know that there are some foods that make the skin darker and some foods that make the skin lighter? People for centuries have been trying to find ways to improve the complexion of the skin and have found that diet does play an important role in the production of Melanin which is the cause of dark skin and hyper pigmentation. Some people try to use skin products such as Kojic acid and hydroquinone which helps to whiten skin however these have side effects. It is better to treat the underlying reason for the pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Before you go for your wallet and start spending thousands of dollars try making some adjustments to your diet to see if you notice a difference. I use to have really dark skin and with some die try adjustments my skin appears so much lighter.

    The first thing that you have to do is adjust your diet and cut down on sugary and oily foods. Sugary and oily food slow down the organs is your body which sometimes contributes to darker skin. Now you should introduce green vegetables into your diet. I love drinking green smoothies such as barley. The chlorophyll in the green smoothies helps to remove toxins from the body and cleanse the organs from within. You should also increase your intake of fibre. I have Psyllium husk everyday to make sure that my bowels are regular. You will also notice from PH that when mixed with water enlarges, so when you drink this it acts like a sponge scraping all the toxins from the lining of the digestive system.

    Once you have sorted your diet out you need to consider taking super foods such as dates and molasses syrup. I have been taking these two foods for a month now and I have noticed significant improvements to my skin. The dates and molasses syrup acts as a booster enhancing the productivity of the liver and other organs. You may have heard of Milk Thistle being quite beneficial for the liver, I have taken both of these and without a doubt molasses syrup is much better.

    Making adjustments to your diet is just the start; you also need to increase your level of exercise. Half an hour of hard cardiovascular workout will help the heart pump more and more blood to the organs helping them work more efficiently. The liver in particular will reap the benefits of more exercise and remove more toxins from the body. With a combination of food and diet you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin; you will also feel more confident in yourself.
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  5. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    If you want to make your skin white really quickly without breaking the bank then you need to follow this quick 3 step guide which will significantly reduce the pigmentation on your skin and make it whiter and lighter. You will notice a glow on your face and any acne of dark marks should start to subside. The 3 steps consist of exercise, diet and homemade remedies. It usually takes a couple of days to really see the difference so if you don't see a change straightaway do not get alarmed. You have to really put 100% effort into this program to really make it work for you. Many people have tried this and have really benefited from the 3 day 3 step program.

    The program consists of 3 days and should start usually on a Friday so you can have amazing white skin for the following Monday. From Friday you need to start fasting, the only thing that you can drink is green vegetable juice such as barley juice. You can mix the green juice with psyllium husk to add extra cleansing power. The psyllium husk will act as a sponge through the digestive system scraping off all the toxins and dirt in the digestive tract. You also need to start eating as much molasses syrup as possible as this will super charge the liver which will start cleansing the blood. All the major organs of the body including the skin will start to glow and lighten up. This has to be done for 3 days.

    Another step you have to take is exercising for 3 days flat out. You really need to make the body work hard and I would recommend that you run flat out at the gym every day for at least an hour. The aim is to really get the heart pumping and supplying maximum oxygen to the organs including the skin.

    The final step that you have to do for 3 days is to apply a special mask on the face. The mask consists of bananas, plums, turmeric, lemon juice and pure honey. You need to take all these items and then blend them until it becomes smooth. This mask is then applied to the skin 3 times per day for 3 days. The mask will start to even out the skin tone and bleach the skin as well as reduce the pigmentation of the skin.

    It is very important to do all the steps properly and put as much effort into it as possible. You will see a significant difference in your skin the following Monday after the 3 day period. This procedure can be repeated every week until the desired level of light skin is obtained.
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  6. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    Whitening skin and removing pigmentation is possible and it shouldn't cost a lot. Did you know in many countries because of the imperial nature of their upbringing people who have lighter and whiter faces are favored more compared to those who are darker in complexion. Many people ask how to make your face whiter naturally and I want to begin by saying that no matter what your color you should be accepted within society as an equal based on your character and intellect. If you still want to make your face whiter then read on. Your choice is not limited to cosmetic bleaching, even Vaseline on your fave may work.

    Dark complexions is caused by hyper-pigmentation, if you live in a hot sunny climate the facial-skin evolves and produces more melanin which causes the epidermis to pigment really quickly. The key to getting whiter skin is to stop the dermis from producing melanin and eventually you'll be able to make your face lighter and appear whiter. You can also make your complexion clearer by using cosmetic bleaching, this can be done occasionally to act as a booster.

    There are many ingredients in nature that contain natural bleach which can make your face appear whiter, these are sometimes better than cosmetic bleaching. If you can use these natural remedies on a regular basis then your face will become lighter day by day. The process takes a while however if used consistently then you will eventually notice the difference. Cosmetic bleaching and laser skin whitening can be used to compliment the natural whitening approach and be used as an occasional booster.

    This ingredient has the ability to bleach the skin, some people even say it is better than cosmetic bleaching when used regularly. It is completely natural and the spice can be found in most spice store. Turmeric is also known as Haldi and in India it is used widely as face whitening natural remedy. The best way to apply this is to make a paste with the Turmeric and then apply it all over the face and leave for about an hour every day. Once your skin has absorbed the turmeric the chemicals will start to make the skin look lighter. You will have to do this for about a month before you see any noticeable difference.

    Lemon also has a bleaching effect when it comes to the facial dermis, the juice is highly acidic and when applied to the face it will start to bleach the area. The deeper you can get the lemon juice into the pores of your skin the faster your skin will become the desired colour you want. The best way to use this is to first of all steam your face so that all your pores are loosened and then apply the juice so that it can be absorbed deeper and quicker. You should notice a difference in about a month, remember these methods take time and you cannot expect it to happen overnight.

    Honey has many properties when applied to the skin, not only does it lighten it also kills any bacteria, if your skin is prone to acne and you want to also make your skin fairer then this is something that you should really consider. The method is quite simple, all you have to do is apply the honey all over the facial skin and leave for about half an hour every day. The best honey to use is pure natural honey without any other ingredient. Again this method will take time and patience but eventually your face will look the desired color you want.

    There are many other treatments that are not natural that you can try, many people have had success using these methods.

    Hydrogen peroxide in small concentrations can be used on the skin to make it lighter, many beauty products contain hydrogen peroxide and it has a potent bleaching effect. I remember when I had acne and used a Clearasil product which contained HP and I saw my face become lighter and clearer within 3 days.

    AHA’s as they are more commonly known as concentrated fruit sugars when applied to the skin has a peeling effect. Many people have reported a lightening of the skin when you use these skin peels. These treatments can be done in a beauty parlor or you can buy the product from specialist skin clinics. AHA's are not part of cosmetic bleaching as they are sometimes mistaken for.

    The protein L-Glutamine inhibits the growth of melanin, once the skin produces less melanin the pigmentation on the skin fades away slowly. Then the pigmentation fades away the skin looks whiter and the complexion evens out. You can purchase the protein from any drug store and it does not require a prescription.

    There are many ways to make the skin lighter & whiter and you have a choice to take the natural or over the counter medicine route, either way you will need to be patient and persevere until you get the desired complexion you want. Remember that this will not happen overnight and whichever treatment you choose stick to it so you can draw a proper conclusion to it. Don’t use all the treatments at once otherwise your skin will become aggravated and the side effects will last a long time.
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  7. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    You could try cosmetic skin bleaching or you could find a whitening product works the best for you. You might even want to check out some of the cheap whitening products available for quick fixes.

    In this article we explore the creams that actually make your skin whiter and other techniques that you can use such as diet and exercise to lighten your skin. By combining all the techniques together you could develop a regimen that will whiten your skin in half the time.

    There are hundreds of whitening creams available, if you want to get instant results then there are a few creams and washes that you need to try. Remember that your skin will take time to become lighter, it usually takes about a few weeks to see the difference. So before you think about laser skin whitening or the latest skin brightening system consider some of the creams and techniques on offer.

    Before you consider which cream to put on your face to make it whiter you need to use a face that makes your face lighter. Make sure you use a wash which contains ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide which bleaches the skin. You can also use products such as Kojic acid which helps to reduce the pigmentation on your skin which will inevitably make your face lighter. For me the best face whitening products must contain Kojic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide, I started seeing results within a week after using these active ingredients.

    You should now consider using a whitening cream that has ingredients such as Kojic acid which has been proven to reduce the hyper pigmentation on your skin over a period of time. You can get Kojic Acid in creams, lotion and soap too. Many people have used Kojic acid and benefited after a few weeks.

    Kojic acid works by inhibiting the production of Melanin which causes pigmentation of the skin. Once you reduce the pigmentation the skin becomes clearer and lighter giving you the desired whitening effect. The best skin whitening soap contains a percentage of Kojic acid, this has really helped lighten my skin.

    If you want to make your skin whiter and use as many techniques as you can then you need consider eating skin whitening food. The first thing that you have to consider is your diet, you need to cut all foods that cause pigmentation such as chilli and processed foods. You need to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables which will help reduce the pigmentation on your face and give your skin a healthy glow.

    Once you've sorted your diet out you need to start a good exercise regimen. Many people who exercise regularly are able to expunge dirt out of their skin. Exercise also clears the blood and makes the organs perform better which all lead to healthier and lighter skin. Start your exercise regimen slowly and build up your cardiovascular efforts eventually. The more your blood pumps the cleaner it will get giving you a clearer complexion.

    You could consider taking supplements such as L-Glutamine which has been proven to inhibit Melanin production which causes pigmentation. This medication takes a few months to work and you have to be patient with it. Once the Melanin production falls your skin will gradually become lighter and whiter. Make sure you purchase these supplements from a quality health & cosmetic store and ensure that they are 100% genuine as there are a lot of supplements online that are really not what they say they are.

    With an effective beauty regimen, supplements, improvements to your diet and elevated exercise you can really take strides when it comes to making your skin whiter.

    What is skin bleaching:
    Skin bleaching is when you apply a suitable ingredient such as Hydrogen Peroxide on your face or body. This can be effective, however depending on how sensitive your skin is may cause problems.

    If you're still thinking about bleaching and what bleaching cream works best on your face you can explore two options as outlined below. Facial skin bleaching in my opinion is most effective if you want really quick results, be careful not to over-bleach your skin as this might aggrevate and damage your face. Options 1 & 2 explain how to bleach your skin with bleach.

    Natural Skin Bleaching:You'll be surprised how many every day ingredients contain natural bleach. Items such as lemon, turmeric and honey have a natural bleaching property. If you can mix all these ingredients together into a paste and apply the home remedy to your face you will start to see a difference in your complexion within a fortnight. Keep before and after pictures of how much whiter your skin has become.

    Cosmetic Bleaching or Over-the-counter Face Bleach:Cosmetic bleaching on your face can be expensive, if you go for the over-the-counter face bleach then this might irritate the skin. In my opinion you should use natural skin bleach to whiten your face and occasionally top it up with cosmetic bleaching. Using this technique you can really boost the whiteness of your skin on special occasions and gradually lighten your skin with natural bleaches.
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