Where Can I find a Philanthropist?

Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by Juan, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Juan

    Juan Newbie

    My question is really straightforward! Where can I find a philanthropist? At the moment I'm stuck in a dead end job and am experiencing financial difficulties and would be grateful with some help. I've been lurking on this site for a while and noticed that people are asking millionaires, billionaires and celebrities for help. I wanted to know where I could find a list of philanthropists in the US with a good chance that they will help me financially. If anyone can give me names of philanthropists giving money away I would be grateful, also if you've received help from them then please please share your experience.
  2. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Before you can contact any philanthropist for help you need to assess what your need is. I don't mean to be harsh however you need to be experiencing severe hardship before you even consider asking these generous rich people for help. I do know it's possible, I had a friend of who was experiencing crisis and received help so financial assistance is available.

    I think the best procedure is as follows

    1. Reflect on whether you really need money from a philanthropist
    2. Are you eligible for public assistance
    3. Know exactly what your hardship is
    4. Find philanthropist who are willing to help
    5. Write a hardship letter or email asking for assistance
    6. Rinse and repeat

    You can get the names of philanthropists giving away money on sites like Forbes Philanthropy List, The Giving Pledge and the 50 most generous philanthropist from business week. Good Luck, I am sure other users will chime in with suggestions.
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  3. Alistair

    Alistair Newbie

    The 50 most generous philanthropist from Business Week is an excellent list, If you want to find philanthropists who help individuals you could try the Giving Pledge. I love visiting this site to see billionaires, millionaires giving money away. You could get free personal cash grants from philanthropists if you have a genuine legitimate need. Before I carry on I would have to say a genuine need is as follows, if you're hardship is not on the list you're going to have to do a lot of persuading.

    1. Financial despair
    2. Crisis
    3. Help with education
    4. Poverty
    5. Cruelty
    6. Help with medical bills

    My recommended list would be the giving pledge, this is a foundation which was first founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. If you want to be a member you need to be a millionaire or a billionaire (thats just rules me out!). Every philanthropist must agree to give away more that half of their wealth to a good cause. Seriously there is billions of pounds that are being given away and if you do have a genuine need then you can get help. Here's a great video of my hero Warren Buffett talking about the giving pledge.

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  4. XenMoney

    XenMoney Newbie

    You can find a list of philanthropists on Wikipedia, you can find a list of US Philanthropist on Grantspace.org. If you want to philanthropist who will help you financially you could try the the Forbes Philanthropy List, you'll be able to find names of millionaires, billionaires who offer major donors. You could also try corporate philanthropy to see if they can help.
  5. Raymond

    Raymond Newbie

    If you want to find a rich person who gives money away then you need to check the list on Wikipedia to get started, concentrate on US philanthropist. I agree, GrantSpace.com has some excellent resources on annual lists on the most generous philanthropists, you can search using different search options. Try to find wealthy billionaires in your state and then start by contacting them. I must remind you that this is a long shot and you might have to contact a lot of wealthy people before you get any help. Unfortunately there are lots of con artists around which make it more difficult for people with real legitimate needs.
  6. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    Nice thread, lots of useful information here. If you want a list of philanthropist then you could try biography.com or philanthropy.org. Overall I think the best list belongs to Forbes.com. I've got a great video here on how they took a photo of all the worlds greatest billionaires, millionaires and philanthropist in one shot, I know it's off topic but it's awesome.

  7. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    Excellent information, this thread will really help people who want financial assistance. Has anyone tried WorldChanging.com, it's a non profit organization in Seattle which consists of a global network of thinkers, journalists, and designers who come up with innovative solutions.

    Other philanthropist lists not already mentioned that I can think of include Idealist.Org, NextBillion.net, GiftHub.org. Good Luck
  8. Juan

    Juan Newbie

    Wow, thanks for all the suggestions, lots of information I need to get my head around. I think I'm going to start with the two most obvious choices which are Oprah and Ellen and then check out what's available on the GivingPledge.org.

    Thanks, this is such a great community! I will definitely be spreading the word.
  9. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Thanks for the compliment, I really want to make this site a place where people can share financial information and ask anything they want and get a useful reply. So far to summarize the suggestions made include

    1. Business Week Philanthropy List
    2. The Forbes Philanthropy List
    3. Wikipedia Philanthropy List
    4. The Giving Pledge
    5. Grant Space
    6. Oprah & Ellen
    7. Biography.Org
    8. Philanthropy.Org
    9. WorldChanging.org

    Please keep the suggestions coming because people are searching for information like this.

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