Where Can I Find Scholarships for Medical School

Discussion in 'Finding Scholarship Money' started by Rayden87, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. Rayden87

    Rayden87 Newbie

    I've just been reading some of the content on this forum and it looks like a really helpful place. I'm thinking about going to medical school and was wondering where I could find scholarships for medical school. I have an excellent grade point average but I don't have enough money to pay my tuition fees and the last thing I want is to get a student loan and burden myself for the rest of my life! Does anyone know where to start or what I could do? Thank You.
  2. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Hey Rayden, If you're looking to go to medical school then you either need to apply for the in house scholarship or choose a scholarship from the following list. I have bookmarked an excellent list of scholarships for medical school that you can use to start your research.

    One thing that I would mention is that you hone and develop your proposal and grant writing skills. If you can write an effective proposal then you can get lost of grants, bursaries, fellowships and scholarships.

    List of Medical Scholarships
  3. Rayden87

    Rayden87 Newbie

    Thanks, the list is excellent and just what I needed, when you say improve my proposal writing skills what do you mean? how can I do that? Thanks again.
  4. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    You should go to places like the Foundation Center which offer courses in how to search for the right scholarship, how to find out if you're eligible for help and how to write an application and cover letter to maximize your chances of getting some money. Here are some more links that might be helpful. Good Luck.

    Grant & Proposal Writing Courses
  5. Rayden87

    Rayden87 Newbie

    Thanks again, really appreciate your help. Really liking this forum.
  6. OggyAnd

    OggyAnd Newbie

    Great question, I wanted to know if there are any sites where I could download sample scholarship letters so that I could get an idea of how I need to write.
  7. Father_Nature

    Father_Nature Newbie

    I found a site which offers some generic templates on writing cover letters for scholarships, I guess what you would need to do is beef it up by writing and reflecting on your personal circumstances.

    Sample Letter for Scholarship Proposals
  8. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    I came across this really interesting article on how to go to medical school for free. Gave me some ideas as I'm contemplating the thought. I want to avoid paying student fees and it seems as though it can be done. It all depends on how academically sound you are..

    How to go To Medical School for Free
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