Where can i get free christmas gifts for low income families?

Discussion in 'Christmas Assistance for Low Income Families' started by admin, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Finding free Christmas gifts for low income families has helped many struggling families across the world enjoy and rejoice the festive season. Fortunately there are many charities, organisations and programs that will help struggling families who need financial assistance with toys, presents, clothes and even food.

    Christmas can be a very demanding time especially on the wallet and if you’re unemployed or on a low income then there is no shame in accepting some of the items that are being offered to you. In this article I have a list of options that you can explore to really get into the festive mood without having to worry about money.

    Best Charities for Christmas Gifts

    Salvation Army Christmas Assistance: The Salvation Army Christmas appeal raises millions in charitable donations, these appeals also receive many gifts and presents that are either new or can be reused again. These presents make excellent free gifts for kids during Christmas.

    The Salvation Army prides itself of providing free Christmas gifts to low income families and you should definitely get in touch with them, it’s best to register interest as soon as possible so call them up and see what they can offer to make your Christmas financially stress free.


    Make a Wish: If you’ve always wanted to make your children’s wish come true but never had the finances to make this happen then you’ve got to contact Make a Wish Foundation; this is a non-profit organisation and charity that not only provides Christmas help for needy but also specialises in making wishes come true especially for kids.

    If you have disabled or sick children then they will be prioritized however there is no harm in applying to see if they can offer low income financial help.


    Prison Fellowship Organisation: Have little or no income during Christmas can be very stressful however if you have a member of your family behind bars it makes it very hard to be cheerful during the festive period. The Prison Fellowship Organisation really helps people especially children who are confused and angry, they provide kids with toys and helps family members come to term with their situation. If you need someone to speak to about coming with the holiday period then this is one of the best Christmas charities you can contact.

    Local Charities & Churches: It’s also a very good idea to contact as many local charities and Churches to see if they provide free Christmas gifts for low income families.

    You’ll be surprised at how generous these organisations can be and there is a good chance that your entire Christmas will be paid for in terms of presents, trees, clothes and toys. During Christmas many people make large donations locally and volunteer to give help to low income families.

    Make a list of your local Charities and Churches and make an effort to contact them one by one to ask for Christmas assistance, if you’re from a military family then ask them for Christmas assistance for military families as you are likely to get priority.

    Low Income Financial Help for Christmas on the Internet

    Freecycle.com: Recycling unwanted household items is rapidly increasing, with more and more people becoming environmentally aware they are giving away their worldly possessions on recycling sites such as Freecycle.com. Some of the items given away make excellent Christmas gifts for children; you’ll be surprised at what you can get your hands on.

    If you do want Christmas help for low income families then join Freecycle.com and register what kind of items you want to set up alerts for, also often check what’s being offered as you could find the perfect free Christmas gift for your children. Be wary that many other people are also trying to find free Christmas presents so once you find something you like email the person and reserve the item.


    Free Gifts for Kids in Christmas

    Department Stores: You might be surprised to hear that toy stores regularly give away toys for free, big department stores really want to show a softer side during the festive period and give out free gifts for families. You need to contact the head office of all the big department stores and ask to speak to their customer relations manager who will point you in the right direction and check to see if you’re eligible for free gifts for kids during Christmas.

    Free Christmas Gifts for Low Income Families

    The festive Yuletide season should be a time when families can enjoy themselves and be happy around each other, if you feel that you are going to need free Christmas gifts for low income families then you should start as soon as possible and see what you are entitled too, if you start really early you might be able to give your family the best ever Christmas without worrying about money.
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