Where can i get free dental treatment if i have no insurance no money no savings

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    It can be very stressful when you need emergency dental care for low income people and families, you might feel you have nowhere to turn to. Fortunately there are a number of dental insurance plans for low income people and families that you can explore. Most of these plan include emergency dental check-ups, and emergency work on fillings, implants, crowns and emergency denture repair & reconstruction of the jaw.

    There are a number of options that you might need to be aware of when considering emergency low cost dental care such as the type of plan that you’re looking at. The plans on offer are Indemnity plans, Dental Health Managed Organization (DHMO) and Participating Provider Network. In this article we look at the different plans on offer and the best options for cheap emergency dentistry and emergency dental care for low income.

    Dental Emergency Dentists Plans/ Free Dental Plans For Low Income Families

    HRSA: The HRSA which is also known as the Health Resources and Services Administration is run by the US Department of health. If you need emergency dental work along with an emergency dental check-up then the HRSA will help you find a federally funded emergency dental clinic where you only need to pay what you can afford. Search for I need emergency dental care HRSA to find a local dentist in your state.

    Emergency University Dental Clinics for Low Income Families: There are many dental schools offering discount dental care, sometimes these schools waive the fee completely. You can also find many local private dentists who offer their services for free when an emergency arises especially for low income people. If you do need free dental work for low income family then you can find these schools and charitable organisations in your state by searching through the American Dental Association Program. This is one of the best low income dental assistance program for adults and helps find cheap emergency dentists.

    Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Emergency Denture Repair: If you have children the CHIP offers emergency denture repairs for free is your child is under the age of 19. One of the main aims of CHIP is to treat and prevent dental diseases and promote oral health as well as deal with emergencies through their dental programs. You need to check if your child is eligible as CHIP is run through the Governments Medicaid Program. You can search for where can I get emergency dental care for children CHIP to find a clinic near you.

    Medicaid Emergency Dental Programs for Low Income Families: This is a safety net that the state provides with federally funded money; this program is designed to help low income families with emergency dental care. The plan can change in each state however nearly all of them offer free emergency dental care for low income people.

    Medicare Emergency Dentist for Elderly: If you’re a senior and need emergency dental assistance then this is the plan for you. This emergency dental plan is designed for elderly people who are not insured, regular check-ups and cleaning are excluded however emergency work on the teeth are included, these emergency dentistry treatments include fillings, periodontics, emdontics, oral surgery, crowns, dentures and implants and even reconstruction of the jaw.

    Emergency Dental Plans for Low Income Families
    Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans: This plan normally offers emergency dental care and is designed for people who want to stay with only one dentist. The dental plan pays the dentist for any emergency work done on the teeth and the remaining money must be paid using co-payments. When you take out these plans check for the emergency waiting periods, annual limitations and deductibles.

    Dental Health Managed Organization Plans (DHMO): This is one of the best plans for low income families because it offers reduced costs. This dental plan normally has an emergency dental care benefit and works when a dentist signs a contract with the dental insurance companies and agrees to use the insurer’s schedule of fee. You can normally get emergency fillings, crowns, implants and dental reconstruction surgery.

    Participating Provider Network (PPO): PPO offer an emergency dental benefits and are very similar to DHMO, the only difference is you can have work done by other dentists and the plan will only pay their fees. If the dentist charges more for the emergency dentistry you’ll have to pay the difference.

    Emergency Low Cost Dental Care

    There are quite a few options that you can look at to find emergency dental clinics for low income people and families. You should be able to find a plan for each member of your family; if you have children then the CHIP plan is most suitable if it’s for adults then you can find a dental school which provides emergency dental care, if it’s you need free emergency dental care for low income seniors and elderly then try Medicare. If you can take the time to research which plan is right for you you’ll be able to save a lot of money.
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