Where can i get free electricity? fed up of paying energy companies

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by Quentin, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    Energy bills are always going up and this is hitting many families hard. Over the past 5 years energy prices have been gradually increasing as oil reserves and other energy sources are falling in terms of abundance. Many people ask how to get free electricity and you may be surprised to hear that there are ways to achieve this. Getting free electricity might take some initial investment however in the future the payoff will be massive.

    Best Free Solar Panels


    There are a number of companies on the internet that are willing to install and maintain solar panels on your roof. The company is called Isis and are willing to install the solar panels and maintain them as long as they are on your roof. This is a government backed strategy designed to help people find as many sources of renewable energy. To be eligible you need to have a south facing roof and you must have enough room to fit 10 solar panels.

    Once you have fitted the solar panels you can hook it up to your energy circuits and watch the free electricity stroll in. If you use less electricity than what the solar panels can create you can give excess energy back to the energy companies and get paid for it. This is a truly revolutionary system that the government is trying to get up and running, even though this is a pilot scheme I think it will eventually be rolled over all around the UK and possibly the world.


    Best Magnetic Energy Generator - Uses Solar Energy

    The benefits of having free solar energy are that you will save around £1500 per year on electricity bills. You will also be saving the environment in terms of carbon creation and the greenhouse effect. The only downside I can see is that it may look unpleasant to look at on your roof.

    You will also make money if you are frugal, if you can save the solar energy and then feed it back to the energy companies then you will generate additional income, just imagine being paid by the energy companies, it would really make a difference.


    There are many other ways to lower your electricity bills if you are not eligible for the Isis scheme backed by the government. You can consider paying for the solar panels yourself and then treat it like an investment; any income that can be created will be treated as profit from the investment.


    Another popular method of saving electricity is to check all the prices the energy companies are charging. Use a comparison site to find the cheapest deal and contact them direct to see if you can haggle and get a better deal. On average many people save up to 30% of their energy bills by completing this simple task.


    You should also consider insulating your house properly and if you are purchasing new appliances make sure they are A rated in terms of energy efficiency. You should also use energy saving light bulbs if you have not made the change yet.

    There are many ways to get free electricity with solar and wind power being the two most efficient. You should also take steps to make your appliances as energy efficient too and take strides to insulate your house. You should also find ways to make extra savings by cutting down on waste and using comparison sites to find the best deal. By taking all the tips on board you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and even get it for free as many other people have.

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