Where can i get free gas for my car?

Discussion in 'Ways to Live Cheaper' started by JibberJabber27, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. This might sound like a silly question but is there any place where I can get free gas for my vehicle? or dirt cheap gas without breaking the law. I'm on a very low income and any money I could save on transportation would go towards giving my family a better quality of life.
  2. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    The cost of oil in general is rising; I can remember a barrel of Brent crude oil being $10 now it is just under $100. The rate at which oil has been rising has been phenomenal. Due to the rise in oil prices petrol prices have gone up too. Many taxes are also levied on petrol as a measure to clean up the environment which is why petrol has risen to record highs. Many people ask how to get free petrol and gas and there are methods you can use to achieve this legally.

    Change Your Car

    The first thing you have to do is change to a diesel powered car. Diesel can be substituted for chip fat and if you can find a Fish and Chip shop that is willing to provide you with free Chip fat then you can use this as fuel. Most of the time the chip fat is industrial waste and as a result needs to be discarded safely, the fish and chip shop will save money by just providing it to the driver for free. This is a win win relationship where everyone benefits.

    Some people might be wondering if this really works and I can tell you that there have been many cases where people are running their car on this type of oil. If you can ensure that the chip fat is the right consistency to diesel then you can be sure that your car will work. The reliability and risk is something that you may question however I have read cases where people have been doing this for a long time and as long as the car is serviced properly every year there should not be any damage to the engine.

    If you don’t want to use chip fat to run your car then there are many other methods that you can use to cut the cost of gas and petrol. The first thing you have to do is ensure that your tires are inflated properly, this way you can go further compared to flatter tires. You also need to stop revving your car and accelerating and braking too harshly as this will waste energy, instead try and use your judgement and momentum to let the car stop slowly. Service your car regularly to ensure that it is being as efficient as it possibly can and take any excess weight out of the car as this will drain the gas and petrol too. By using a few simple steps you can significantly reduce the most of gas and petrol on your car.

    If you’re about to replace your car then you might consider going for something that cheaper to run. Electric cars and those that run on bio-energy and LPG are so much less in terms of cost when it comes to running your car. You can think of it as an investment for the future, if you are currently paying $100 per week on gas and by making the change you reduce your costs to $20 then that $80 can be seen as the profit for running such a car.

    There are many ways to reduce the cost of your fuel and even make it free. The main focus should be on the long run and ensuring that you have a properly serviced car that is driven sensibly is the first step. If the thought of using chip fat is something that you refuse to do then consider the alternatives pointed out above, not only will you save money you will also save the environment too.
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