Who can help me pay my rent?

Discussion in 'Charities' started by admin, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I have struggled from time to time to pay my rent and I know that there are many who are in a similar position, the first question you should ask is who can help me pay my rent? Personally for me it was quite hard to ask this question and eventually had to swallow my pride and take the plunge (I’m glad I did).

    When I did eventually ask who can help me pay my rent I found that there were so many organisations and people who were willing to help. You might be surprised how generous people are when you need help. It might be that you lost your job and can’t pay the bills or you might need help paying the mortgage and bills, whatever your situation there is help out there.

    #1: Look for Work or Other Income Streams

    If you are struggling with your rent or mortgage and are unemployed or not earning enough then the first thing you have to do is look for a new or better job. Even though there are so many people and organisations out there willing you need to find a way out yourself.

    Start by working on your resume and make a commitment to apply to at least 5 jobs per day, if you can continue in this vain then you will eventually land a new or better job that can help you pay your rent or mortgage payments. It is a very liberating feeling to know that you are earning enough so you don’t have to ask who can help me pay my rent.

    #2: Contact Government or Local Authority

    In the UK all homeless people have the right to housing, thankfully the government has made provisions to house homeless people temporarily until they can get themselves back on their feet and earning money so that they can rent something permanent.

    If you are struggling with your rent or mortgage payments then do not be intimidated; instead make an appointment with the local housing office and explain your situation, sometimes you will be given emergency accommodation straight away. Living rough or in fear of being evicted is not pleasant; if you are in this position where land lords are breathing down your neck you need to ask “who can help me pay my rent”.

    #3: Look for Somewhere Cheaper

    If you need help paying the mortgage or rent and you are struggling to make ends meet then you should probably consider renting somewhere cheaper. Many people have rented luxurious apartments and homes during the boom and have since taken a hit in their earnings during the recession.

    I know a couple who have two good jobs and pay around 80% or their earnings towards their luxury penthouse! If you are paying more than 30% of your income on rent then you should seriously consider moving to a cheaper apartment/flat. Remember financial security is more important than keeping up appearance and there is nothing wrong with asking who can help me pay my rent.

    #4: Share or Rent a Room

    There was a time when I was living in a 3 bedroom house all alone and struggling to make the mortgage payments. If you find yourself in a similar situation then you either need to downsize or rent a room out or share a room.

    If you are paying over 30% of your earnings on rent and have more space than you need then the logical answer is to rent out spare rooms. Eventually I got to a position where I was renting all my rooms out and paying my monthly mortgage payments from the rent collected without dipping into my wages! It pays to ask who can help me pay my rent or share the costs!

    #5: Live with family

    You can always rely on your family and should always be in a position to ask for help. If you’ve fallen on hard times then you shouldn’t struggle in silence. Rather than living rough ask a member of family for help until you can get back on your feet. You will find that there’s always someone willing to help and you need to swallow your pride and ask who can help.

    There is nothing worse than worrying about how you can keep a roof over your head, it’s a similar feeling to having no food to eat, a very horrid feeling. It’s no one’s fault that you’re in this position and the only thing keeping you in this situation might be your pride. Everyone needs help sometimes so don’t be afraid to ask who can help me pay my rent.
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