Why i am in need of financial help

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by Genie, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. Genie

    Genie Newbie

    In scanning through postings made here on "Find Some Money" I had a really difficult time finding where or how to make a new posting. I'm hoping this is the correct place to start. I will make this as brief as possible. I had to go on disability retirement in 2008, going through "disability hell" very well may be the most difficult thing I have ever gone through in my life. I felt completely helpless in being able to change or improve my own life situation at that time. I was suddenly unable to work, hell at that time and for several months I couldn't even walk!! I found out when I was 20 years old that I have combined complex severe progressive spinal scoliosis. I will soon be 61 years old and my scoliosis has progressed to such a severe state I am having to prepare my home for being unable to walk or stand on my own without assistance. Last year I was donated an electric powered wheelchair; I was successful through an agency that helps disabled people obtain technology assistive devices to procure a loan for a handicapped accessible van (it's an older van, 2004 Chevy Venture) so that I can take the wheelchair with me to use outside my home when I go anywhere that will require any amount of walking involved. I am only able to take about 45 very small steps before I'm in such severe pain I can't take another step, I must stop, sit down or even lay down even on the ground. I have gotten several medical opinions and they are all the same, there is nothing that can be done, except for me to prepare for being unable to walk and eventually I will become bedridden. My lower extremity nerves are being crushed by my failing and collapsing spine, my toes and feet went numb in 2018. So on to my current financial problems preparing my house for the inevitable necessary adjustments; I have gotten a portable aluminum ramp that is useable in all the doorways that have a step-down. What I am working on now is remodeling one of my bathroom's to remove the regular bathtub and have put in a low threshold shower stall, a raised ADA compliant toilet and I've already purchased a new accessible sink and cabinet. I have 'trade' talented friends willing to do the work for me for free (for the most part, some are giving me a considerable reduced cost for their labor) in early December when a friend was trying to switch out the old sink with the new one the sink drain broke off inside the wall. My house was built in 1958 and I knew my plumbing was going to be needing worked on soon. I live on social security disability income, and don't get much income from it monthly. My credit got screwed up when I went through disability hell in 2008 and I had no choice but to do a voluntary repossession of my car to the bank, which there is a judgment against me for the balance due on it from when it was sold at auction. I have been trying to save money to get this work done to purchase the items, floor tile, supplies and discounted labor to the plumber friend. I could use some help to add to the small amount of money I've been able to get saved. I have Paypal.me/GenieRichmond and my email address is Genie4359@yahoo.com I hope I have done this right. Please let me know if I haven't and please instruct me of the correct way to post this request for any possible donations. Thank you kind gentle people.
  2. Mon

    Mon Apprentice

    Hello, sorry to disturb you, but I would Like to ask you, if you could
    help mé financially? I am a single Mother with a 5 year old son we háve
    beeen both left alone, since his father has left us for another woman
    only 4 days before the wedding. At the moment, I am without the job and
    nowadays it is very Hard and not easy to find the job, when there is a
    pandemic situation all across the world. I would Like to buy a house,
    property, where I can also work from home a live there at the same tíme.
    I need to buy one place, which costs 100 000 eur and another 100 000 eur
    I need for a reconstruction and refurbishment. Because the place is in a
    terrible state. So I need together 200 000 eur.. I know, that is not a
    little amount, but I am very tired from the whole situation that I
    cannot help my son and myself. No one wants to give mé a such a big
    loan, Because I am a single Mother and dont have a job. I even keep
    trying to play a lottery, but I havent been lucky so far. I dont know,
    what to do, to be able to give a chance to my son and to me. To give
    ourselves a better life. We are from a poor family and we never had an
    extra money for a free sending. Here in Slovakia we heve a small
    salaries, no financially help, or an allowances., and therefore I am
    kindly asking you for helpso I would be very greatful for it. Sorry,
    that I was troubling you with my problems. Thank you very much for
    understanding.Best regards
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