Will you help me please?

Discussion in 'Ask For Donation' started by David Blessing, Jan 26, 2019.

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  1. I've had an extremely rough year put my story out there before and I'm about to coming to the end of it all I thinking about to come out on top I just need a little help getting to the end of it before all my endurance not giving up and hard work washes away. It all started when my oldest two children, my son 21 Conor & daughter 17 Carson, unexpectedly lost your 38 year old mother! I was forced to see for the first time a very hard reality that I cannot protect my children from everything and this wouldn't happen to be probably the hardest thing to ever go through is no child should be without mother. I was able to keep your focus on God where is them and my daughter I enrolled into Ivy Tech in mediately at 17 and is now graduated as of November 2nd at the age of 18 with her associates degree while working 30 hours a week at a part time job and had a perfect attendance record at both places not even being late once. My son passed his police exam and os going into the police academy. I'm one of the proudest fathers honored and my two oldest children are my heroes. In the meantime though the love of my life, my 6 year old's Zekes mother, 2 months after they lose their mother, decides to start using drugs behind my back and seeing the guy she's getting off of the 27 year old guy and she's 40, and she took our house fully decked-out out for her and my son, 5 very nice vehicles paid for, over $26,000 in our account, thousands of dollars worth of tools to run my Construction Company, 90% of my v l clothes and all personal items -I literally got to leave with a backpack with a few clothes in it and hygiene. MOST important--, during what was already so hard,she took my love( my heart)-her and my son- whom i love so much and was as close as it gets with cause since birth i did everything for him she could always rest...i got up 3 or 4 times a night, bathed him, fed him, played with him--he went to work with me alot knew how to swing a hammer, shoot nail guns, drills and carry wood only cause he watched me and demanded I let him . So She hurt him as well as she tore my insides out and ripped my heart to pieces. It all caused me so much stress, I had mutiple strokes--swelling feet and legs five times their normal size not able to really walk for two months. Got the swelling down in about two and a half weeks starting to walk again was riding my bicycle not able to replace my vehicles yet and got hit by 79 year old woman do 55 miles per hour from behind throwing me all the way over her car. which of course 5 doctors said I should have been dead but I wasn't, Thank God! I did have a severe head injury with a bleed on the brain, neck injury, shoulder injury, four broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken hip, severe road rash on my whole face, my stomach my back my legs my feat my arms and Staples in my elbow. Well, well I've not been able to work in 6 months but has have researched and I am ready to start a small online businesses one of the businesses, I want to commit giving back to God, t by allowing him to lead me, my children and God willing a wife around the world helping others- single moms, sick children--puttin hope back around them, veterans- and all others God leads us to. Hoping to show others that we can all still love and help others. It is what our world needs. I put hand on the Bible, with the Holy Spirit that fills my heart and the blood of Jesus Christ that covers me and my children, that this is all true. Ive made it this far, not giving up, staying close to God, listening, gaining a wisdom and knowledge, patience and amazing strength...i have everything ptetty much ready but need help financially with a few things before i lose my residence i rent which being homeless will slow everything way down, being i need my office and roof over my head to continue to heal. So i need to catch up rent, i have a young christisn lady that is helping me out with a super nice newer mini van but she only needs $300 for it-which is a huge help, and a liitle more money to invest in my multiple lines of business and with this help, I will be out of this hole and be on my way success, and helping others around the world. Im asking for as many as possible to donate as much as they can, $1, $5, $20, $50,100 on up as high as you can please until i can get $1500 as quick as possible before getting evicted but the $1500 covers the areas i need. Anything over, as God as my witness, will be the start of my mission, being called
    "BLESSING'S MISSION". I will also keep this mission posted regular as it moves forward. Im asking everyone to find it in their hearts to first show some trust for me on this, because first of all i believe in the facts...do wrong or take ftom others and get it back 10 fold and being blessed 100× what you give or do good for others. So believe me i don't want to punished 10× for getting over one person, let alone MANY. I SINCERELY WANT TO START SOMETHING GOOD AND DO MY T BEST TO MAKE IT SPREAD, FEEL GOD IS LEADING ME, SO I HAVE ALL THE CONFIDENCE THAT WE CAN DO THIS! PLEASE, JUST ANYTHING YOU FEEL LEAD...IT ALL ADDS UP TI SOMETHING HUGE THIS WORLD NEEDS. I HOPE TO BE POSTING SOMETHING POSITIVE SOON.
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