Barclays aa aviator card - appealed decline decision and was approved

Discussion in 'General Credit Card Discussion' started by SueStanton, Jan 2, 2020.

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  1. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    Just wanted to share my application experience for the Barclays AA Aviator Card.

    I really wanted this reward credit card because it offers a 60,000 bonus miles, a 0% introductory offer on purchases and balance transfers where the annual fee is just under $100 per year.

    I wanted to use the 60,000 miles to go on a Europe or a single trip to North America, I would use the remaining air miles to visit the 48 US States. This rewards credit card would be very useful for me.

    So, I applied for the Barclays AA Aviator Rewards Credit Card and I wanted to share my experience. I have the following...

    1. I have a FICO score of 770.
    2. I have 3 years of payment history.
    3. I have 2 credit cards which have been in use for a while.
    4. I always pay off my credit card balance in full every month.
    5. I had a loan which I have paid off in full in the last 30 days.
    6. I recently applied for a Capital One Savor One and was approved with a credit limit of $8000.

    I applied for the Barclays AA Aviator Rewards Credit Card and to my surprise I was declined immediately, I was fully expecting to be approved given my Excellent credit score, well maintained credit report, and history of making payments on time without any default.

    To be honest, I was very annoyed. I called customer services and asked them to check through the information again. After answering many of Barclays questions I came to the conclusion that my credit history is too short and they want to see a longer line in my history.

    Eventually, after explaining my status I was approved but I was only given a credit limit of $1000 which made me laugh and seriously made me consider if I wanted such credit card which had little faith in me. I did accept the terms because I wanted to take advantage of the air miles reward to I took them up on their offer. I just wanted to share my experience so others can challenge Barclays when they get denied for such a silly reason such as not enough years on your credit report.

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