Financial help for my daughter

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by diana jones Wilson, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. I am a mother of three and grandmother of three( one was adopted in February of this year). My husband, myself and my daughter (24 yrs), sons (17&15), grandchildren (6 & 1 1/2) all live in a three bedroom home. My husband was the only one working up until about a month ago when the 17 year old got a part time job and then our daughter got a job last week. We are trying to come up with enough money so out daughter can move out with her two children. She recently made the hard decision to place her youngest son up for adoption in February. She has lived with us for approximately 2 1/2 years and it's just really hard on us all because of the close quarters. I lost my job last year due to not having transportation and we had to finally use our tax refund to put down on a vehicle that had already had to have work done on it. If we could just have someone help out with at least $800 this would allow us to place our daughter into a place if her own and now that she's working she would be able to start a new life with her two kids and my husband and I can start focusing on our two boys that are still in school and at home with us. Next year will be our oldest sons graduating year and I want to be able to get him into a decent college. My daughter has made some poor decisions but she wants to do this on her own she just needs a little assistance getting there.
  2. Shobir

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    Hi Diane,

    Welcome to FSM. Your circumstances are unfortunate and I sympathise. Have you tried crowd funding for financial assistance. Donald Trump has a site where you can post a video explaining your hardship. The contact details are shown below. All the best.

    Fund Anything

  3. Nick

    Nick Administrator

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    Hi Diana,

    It's doubtful anyone will just give you $800 via the internet, but let's think of some ways you can come up with $800.

    First, look at your finances and cut out all the luxuries. We can start with Internet. You don't have to have it, and cutting it off will save you $50-$60. Do you have a phone contract? You could save money by looking at pre-paid models. I don't know what your annual income is like, but I certainly would take advantage of unemployment and welfare in your hour. You could also look to see if you have any free pantries in the area that could offer you food.
    Do you have a cable TV bill? That's not a necessity, so it can go. You can always buy a digital antenna to pick up local broadcasting channels. The cost for an antenna is usually cheaper than one month of cable.

    You could have a garage sale. This is by far one of the easiest ways to raise a quick buck. Bake cookies, have the kids sell lemonade, or maybe make some crafts to sell. It's a great time of year for yard sales.

    Do you have credit card bills, mortgages or any other debts? Call them up and ask them to reduce the bill. Never hurts to ask.
    Reach out to your local Habitat for Humanity about housing for your daughter.

    Depending on your annual income make sure your son applies for FAFSA to get free grants from the government to attend college.

    If you can provide us with more information concerning your financial status, bills and income we could offer more advice.
  4. Shobir

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    I agree with Nick. It takes a lot of time to get money from rich people and the chances depend on your circumstances. Some of the suggestion Nick offers are great. To add to these suggestions, you could consider writing online on revenue sharing sites such as Infobarrel, Seekyt, Hubpages and Squidoo. It takes time to build the passive income however if you keep at it you could earn a decent residual income.
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