Google pixel 3a cell phone available for £14.83 or less per month interest free over 24 months

Discussion in 'Credit Instalment Plans for Google Products' started by Shobir, Nov 18, 2019.

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  1. Shobir

    Shobir Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    Another Great Interest Free Deal from our friends at Google...

    Christmas is only 37 Days Away and the best deals are starting to appear! Ho Ho Ho...

    One of the most desirable tech products this year will be the Google Pixel 3A Cell phone. The demand for this cell phone has been crazy, Google is struggling to keep up with the demand. This cutting-edge piece of technology has received rave reviews. Some experts are even saying it's better than the Samsung S10 and the iPhone 11.

    The retail price for the Google Pixel 3A cell phone is approximately $350 to $400. With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching the deals will only get better and better.


    Christmas Credit Plan for Google Pixel 3A
    Why is the Google Pixel 3A so desirable? The price is what draws you to this product, the Pixel 3A is much cheaper than its counterpart, the iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 which retails between $900 and $1300.
    The technological features for the phones are very similar and in some instances the Google Pixel beats the iPhone and Samsung hands down in terms of picture quality and storage space. You also get 7 hours of usage from a 15 minute charge which is simply amazing.
    You also get access to the Android Ecosystem and millions of developers inventing Apps to make life better and easier.


    Google Finance Plan for Google Pixel 3A
    You can buy the Google Pixel 3A phone for anything between $300 and $400 depending on the model. If you don't want to pay in one go you are more than welcome to spread the cost of the purchase using the Google Finance Plan which will give you the phone with no deposit and interest free credit over 24 months as long as you are approved for finance.

    From what I have heard from the grapevine the Google Fiance Plan is relative relaxed, especially during Christmas and Black Friday, you will also have tonnes of discounts during that time and you have the option to trade in your old phone to get more off your new phone. This is an ideal situation. Normally the payments for a $350 Google Pixel 3A phone will be $14.83 per month over 24 months.

    This is an absolutely stonking offer and you can save an absolute bundle because the Google Finance Plan is Interest Free. The Google Pixel 3A is also very competitively priced compared to its counterparts, the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10. For more information about the Google Pixel 3A check out the following page on the Google Ecosystem.
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