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  1. is an up and coming company that is likely to become very successful. Google are already in talks with them to buy them out. provides discounted products and services to online subscribers in groups. They offer discounts on days out to spectacles. The best way to make money on this website is to really share the benefits with everyone, because this is a relatively new site there is potential for explosive earnings.

    The first thing you have to do is go to commission junction and sign up to their affiliates plan. Once you have done this there are a number of ways to promote the website and on average if you can get traffic towards them the rewards are very good. Although the exact method to which the remuneration is calculated is not revealed the earning potential is significant.

    Mailing list

    Send the link to everyone on your mailing list, if you have about 200 contacts then let them know that a discounted service like is available. Use the link on your email signature to get the word out.


    Submit articles to the top article directories with your affiliate links on them, there are about 50 really good sites such as and that you can submit to and because this is a relatively new company the potential to be the first person to really market this company is realistic.

    Use to make videos showing the benefits of this company and how everyone can save money here through significant discounts. If you can create a 10 minute video explaining all the ins and outs of this company and really sell them then you will be able to direct tonnes of traffic and you will be rewarded very well.

    Social Bookmarking

    Book mark your articles so that they get even more exposure and always track how they are performing through the analytics function. If you can submit to all the best bookmarking sites naturally without spamming then these backlinks will elevate your articles even further and you will see a drastic increase in traffic.

    Twitter is another great place to share information; if you can direct traffic from your followers then if they find the website useful then they too will use your affiliate link to direct traffic too. If the process becomes viral and there is potential for it to do so then you will make a lot of money.

    Another great way to promote this website is through The best way to do this is post a small article explaining the benefits of and how you have saved money; everyone wants to save money nowadays and if you can successfully get your message on then the potential traffic you will generate will be enormous.

    Overall there are many ways to market, there is a lot of potential to make money on this affiliate program and it is well worth checking out if you are sceptical.
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