I desperately need $300 dollars right now!

Discussion in 'I Need Money Right NOW What Can I Do' started by admin, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Admin Post
    We get a lot of visitors to The Find Some Money website asking for ways to supplement their income and multiply their revenue stream. We also get a lot of specific questions such as I need 300 dollars desperately what can I do? I thought it would be a great idea if we could share some ideas and strategies to make money quickly.

    It is entirely possible to make 300 dollars in a short space of time. There are hundreds of ideas and strategies other people use to make money quickly. If you can hone into one of these ideas and repeatedly make money quickly you could get yourself out of your financial hole and pave the way for a more secure future. So without delay here is my first idea of hopefully many to come.

    Idea 1 - Teach English Classes at Home or Online

    If English is your first language you could offer online courses on sites like Italki.com. This site brings teachers and students together at affordable prices. If you can offer a quality course in an area you are experienced in you could make a lot of money. You can set your own hourly rate to help students to learn something valuable. Suppose you charge 15 to 20 dollars an hour and can teach for 20 hours a week you could make 300 to 400 dollars per week. The more polished your course the more students will choose your course.
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  2. Simrin

    Simrin Newbie

    Idea 2 - Clean Houses and Cars

    One way to make money quickly without much qualification or experience is to offer a professional cleaning service. Whenever I need cash fast I advertise Deep House Cleaning and Deep Car Cleaning. Fortunately I enjoy cleaning so for me I'm in my element. I charge up to 300 dollars to thoroughly clean an entire home and vehicle. The process takes a few days and I make the home shine. If you like me enjoy cleaning this is a great way to supplement your income when times are hard. Sometimes my clients are so impressed with the quality of the clean that they recommend me to their family and friends so the income keeps coming without much advertising. You can definitely make a decent income with flexible hours using this strategy.
  3. Sadia

    Sadia Administrator

    Idea 3 - Office Cleaning Service

    You can make a lot of money using Simrin's Idea #2 but to really maximize your hourly income rate I would recommend you step into the world of Office Cleaning. Office cleaning requires an obvious ability to clean and you also need to have no adverse records with the law. If you do have a criminal record then employers will definitely shun you away. If you are interested then offer a service where you put confidentiality of office paperwork at the forefront of your service. Businesses are aware of cleaners who steal valuable paperwork and are always prepared to pay more for honest cleaners. If you can prove that your service is professional you will secure a lot of contracts.
  4. hamza

    hamza Newbie

    Idea 4 - Start a Printer Cartridge Ink Refilling Business

    You can make a fortune refilling old printer cartridges for money because buying a new ink cartridge costs 3 times more than refilling them. Businesses are always looking to cut costs and if you can offer a mobile ink refilling service you could make some decent dough. You could easily make 300 dollars by refilling 30 cartridges and on average a medium sized office has about 15 printers requiring 2 cartridges each. The key to success is to secure a contract with several businesses and then provide an immaculate seamless printer ink refill service. Suppose you service 3 businesses per week all with 15 printers you would be potentially making up to 1000 dollars per week. The cost of ink and refilling as well as transportation are small compared to the average price of a refill so the margin makes this a very profitable business.
  5. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Idea 5 - Start a Window Cleaning Business

    One easy way to make money quickly is to clean windows for residential properties and small shops. To start think about the service you are going to provide and set a price list with a menu of all the service your will provide. Normally you can charge about $30 dollars per average house and shop window. If you can advertise your service effectively on community boards and local newspapers you will receive a lot of call outs especially if you can undercut the competition or provide a superior service. If you can offer a superior service at a lower price you will have a virtual monopoly on your chosen area. Suppose you clean 4 homes and 4 shops per day which is what I hear is normal you could make 200 to 300 dollars per day.

  6. james oduor

    james oduor Newbie

    Idea 6 - Start a Day Care Business

    The volume of mothers who return to work after childcare is increasing at a near exponential rate which means the daycare industry is rising sharp and there is a real need for quality day care operators. More and more women are demanding professional care and are no longer content with find a babysitter or leaving kids with their parents. Starting a Day Care Business does take time, however, if you're a natural with kids and have the patience of a saint you might have what it takes to make a success of this idea. To start you'll need to get qualified in child minding so there are some up front costs to enter this business. You will also need a place to care for the children. You might consider doing this in your home to start with and eventually expand once your business starts to take off.

    Childcare usually costs around 500 to 1000 dollars per month depending on the service you provide so if you can handle 3 kids with full time childcare you could easily make up to 3000 dollars per month. The work is hard and at times you'll be ready to throw the towel in but the payday will make it all worth it.

  7. Tiplady

    Tiplady Newbie

    Idea 7 - Light Hanging For Christmas and Special Events

    With Christmas just around the corner why not consider a light hanging business? You can charge anything between 100 to 1000 dollars to hang lights and you could even rent out lights and decoration to make a home look incredibly festive. You could even provide special lights for events like weddings and birthdays. You'll have to know about safely hanging lights and you'll definitely need to be on call just in case something goes wrong.

    Christmas is the best time to launch this kind of businesses because the cash you make will set you up for the rest of the year. My uncle does this in his spare time and and works flat out during Christmas, he claims to have used the money to pay off his debt and his mortgage. Its worth looking into this idea and see how far you can run with its. You'll definitely be able to make 300 dollars quickly if you know what you're doing.
  8. Miles

    Miles Newbie

    Idea 8 - Start Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

    Amazingly at its peak banks were foreclosing more than 175,000 houses per month. The trend has declined, however, there are still many foreclosed homes that require cleaning so they can be sold again when properties prices rise. You could get a piece of this action and clean foreclosed homes for money. On average banks pay anything between 300 to 1000 dollars for proper refurbishment and cleaning for a property. Suppose you could secure a contract to clean and refurbish 10 of these properties per month you could easily make up to 10,000 dollars per month which is just crazy! Check this course out for more information.

  9. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    I know a lot of teachers who use this service to supplement their income. The website is completely legitimate and you can charge your own hourly rate and provide lessons over the internet using services like Skype. You could even take it one step further and offer one to one tutoring or teach whole classrooms. Learning a language such as English is in demand so if you can teach try this and you can watch the money roll in. I definitely endorse this as a viable way to make money and you're helping someone at the same time. Its win-win.
  10. SueStanton

    SueStanton Newbie

    Never really thought about this and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to make money quickly. The link to the course looks interesting and I might give it a try as my sons out of college now and needs something to do. Thanks for the share.
  11. Quentin

    Quentin Newbie

    Cool idea! Every Christmas my kids force me into hanging lights and every Christmas I cease to impress them. Hiring someone to do this makes complete sense and renting the lights are even better because you don't have to store them somewhere. Thanks
  12. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie Newbie

    Idea 8 - Sell Items on eBay for Other People

    When I need money fast I try to sell items for other people. I usually call my friends, family and neighbors and ask them if they have any clutter they want me to sell, we then share the profits after costs. Sometimes the items are just given for free and any profit I make I keep. Selling items for other people is a great way to make money quickly. I guess you could make $300 dollars this way by selling 20 items for an average $15 per item which is possible. Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing.
  13. XenMoney

    XenMoney Newbie

    Idea 9 - Selling Calling Cards

    Calling cards are basically phone cards used to make cheap international calls that cost a bundle on mobile phones of landlines. You can buy these calling cards in bulk on wholesale prices and then sell them on a stall or something at retail prices. You can usually make 50 cents profit on each card so if you can sell about 600 cards quickly you could make $300 dollars. If you can find a location where there are a lot of immigrants and then market the cards properly you could make a lot of money. I guess its worth a try, I've been seeing more and more people selling calling cards so it must be a profitable business.
  14. Idea 10 - Make Soap

    If you desperately need 300 dollars now you need to sell/pawn items or get a loan or use your credit card. Making 300 dollars in a short space of time is possible but its not worth the anxiety and stress. Its better to build something from scratch like a soap making business. If you're into cosmetics then making and selling soap is quite profitable. The markup on soap is very high so you can expect to make a lot of profit if you get your product right. You can slap a brand on your soap and then sell it on sites like eBay and Amazon. Over time you will begin to make money, I know some eBay sellers who make close to 1000 dollars a day with all their products which they make at home. Its certainly worth considering.

  15. Idea 11 - Borrow Money

    If you desperately need 300 dollars right now you need to borrow money from somewhere. If you have good credit you can get a short term loan or use your credit card for a cash advance. If you have bad credit you can use a payday loan but try not to make a habit of it as they are very high in interest rates. Alternatively, you could borrow from family and friends. Ask them for a interest free loan. If they need persuading then use a loan contract and security to get them to lend the money. Borrowing from friends and family is a great way to save money because you pay no interest or little interest.

    Going forward you should always try to build an emergency fund for desperate times like these because they do happen. I remember when I had to change an expensive part in my car and I was stuck, I had to borrow money using a payday loan company and it was expensive. After the incident I built an emergency fund which is growing and it gives me peace of mind because trouble is always round the corner. I have also insured my home, car, content, life and income which means life will be less stressful.
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  16. StitchedUp23

    StitchedUp23 Newbie

    Idea 11 - Apply for Interest Free Credit Card Cash Advance

    When I needed money desperately I applied for a interest free credit card that offers a cash advance facility. I applied for a Capital One card which was offering a interest free cash advance promotion. I had OK credit and was approved and was able to transfer the money same day to my bank account. There was a transfer fee of 3% which is much cheaper than normal credit card cash advance and pay day loans. If you have good credit check to see if there are any interest free cash advance promotions so you can borrow money inexpensively. You should make a note of when the introductory period zero percent expires because the interest will shoot up. I was able to pay off the debt before the interest rate increased so only paid 3% on the balance. I agree with Idea 10, its always worth having a emergency fund.
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  17. Ronnie_P

    Ronnie_P Newbie

    Idea 12 - Construction Work

    If I desperately needed 300 dollars right now I would ask my friends and family for help. Thankfully I have a emergency fund which helps me sleep at night. When I was strapped for cash I would take on some construction or building work. Its not that hard to get certified in construction and becoming a builder assistant is pretty easy too. As long as you are strong and fit and don't mind getting your hands dirty its fine. Years ago I was able to make 100 dollars per day for my labor so I could make 300 dollars pretty easily whenever I needed to. Work is nearly always available so long as your reliable and available on call. Construction work and building work is not a easy way to make fast money but its a option when you need 300 dollars right now.
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  18. Rayhan

    Rayhan Newbie

    Idea 13 - Switch Bank Accounts

    If you live in the UK you can get up to 100 pounds if you switch current accounts. If you have 3 current accounts and switch to three different accounts which offer up to 100 pounds you can easily make 300 pounds doing this. The process is simple and it just takes a few days for the switch to effortlessly take place. You don't get the cash immediately and I think you need to stick with the bank for at least 6 months before you can do it again. I'm not sure if there is an American version of this process to make quick money but it has helped me to get out of a tight spot when I had difficulties making ends meet. Whenever I desperately need 300 pounds right now I think of this.
  19. rickytrnr

    rickytrnr Newbie


    Under the government's bank account switching package, your old bank must provide a list of your direct credit and debits.

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  20. victorpisk

    victorpisk Newbie

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