I need help and i'm not used to asking for it!

Discussion in 'My Story' started by David Blessing, Nov 23, 2018.

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  1. Im 42 years old and worked hard since I was 13 years old. I've always been the first one to help anybody out whether I knew you or not never expected anything back just wanted to help. How about a year ago my life started taking a huge turn downward spiral. It started with my oldest two children losing their mother at the age of 38 and realizing I couldn't protect my children from everything and now they were going through the worst pain they could ever imagine. I was engaged to the love of my life for me when I fell in love with the first day I ever seen her didn't even know that was possible until I met her. She begged me to give her her first child I begged her not to ever do me wrong cuz I didn't ever want to be a weekend dad again I wanted to be there for my kids every day. Well right after my oldest two kids mother passed away my youngest boy my son with her 5 years old and she decides to leave me while I'm going through all that with my oldest two children losing their mom. She cleaned out our bank account over $16,000 and basically took the vehicles and just basically took everything from me which I so and lost for my oldest two children, none of that even mattered at the time. well she took all my tools and took everything for my construction business in which I owned gather up some tools and keep going but barely scraping by. in the meantime she's being about as cold and mean as a person could be and seeing my kids so hurt even though they've been my little champs and heroes through it all my son at 21, started going down the wrong path, but I got him turned around and he end up getting his impd police exam passed and going into Police Academy next month. my daughter was 17 last summer when her mom passed and let me enroll her in to Ivy Tech immediately and she just graduated with a 3.7 GPA. My Two children are really my Heroes. A few months back I had multiple Strokes laying in the place I rent and swelled my feet and legs up so bad I couldn't walk for over a month. I just started for about 3 weeks trying to get back on my feet once again and I was actually riding my bicycle to help an 80 year old man I just met build a work bench to fix and resell bicycles to earn money to survive and I was doing it for free cuz he couldn't afford to pay anyting he had fell and brokeHis hip to work on the bikes. but on my way over there on my bicycle a79 year old woman in her car doing 55mph hit me from behind throwing me all the way over her car and on to street behind her. Lucky to be alive especially for my kids losing their mother a year before. I was rushed to hospital where i spent 2 weeks with a severe head injury fracture in my neck, broken collar bone, 4 broken ribs, collapsed lung, and broken hip. I was released over month ago and healing as quick as possible and a very Positive man, and i have while being down researching multiple avenues have figured a way im very confident in making some really good money, but i need to get a computer, laptop tablet something or another because its online businesses i want to start. Plus I am behind $1500 In rent and need internet. I'm not one to ask for help but I'm desperate with a great positive plan with God LEading me and With a little help from a very generous person, I know I can get back to an Even more sUccessful life hlping others again. Can and will anyone help me please? Anything helps and i would be the most aappreciative and ready to pay it forward. Thank you all for listening. It was very hard to even ask but I'm about to be homeless and even harderFor me to get back up when bi know I know om on to something but God is wanting me to swallow my pride and ask for help. God Bless
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