If anyone can help today please!!

Discussion in 'Asking Philanthropists for Help' started by Princezz Ashley, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. Princezz Ashley

    Princezz Ashley Apprentice

    In desprate need of help today. I am at risk of loosing my home today at 4pm and I need help to pay my water utility bill to get it turned back o it is $300 deposit and to start service I must pay an aditional $400 towards the past bill which is $883 dollars. due to being charged a monthly fee each month the water was off almost another $100 dollars per month the original bill at time of disconnection eas $275 and from November to now thry say my bill is $883. I am askig any one that is able to help me today to please reach out to me and I will show proof of the paperworks and any information you may require to know I am being honest and sincere. I am willing to work for the money if that is possible, trade my skill for the assistance if needed, enter into a loan agreement with payment plan if possible, and even sell my very sentimental car that is the only thing I have left if my Grandpa since his passing, But to keep a roof over my childrens head and not see them in thr streets I will be willing to sell it for just the pricr of getting my utility back on.
    Thank you for your time to read this and please have a blessed day.
  2. Princezz Ashley

    Princezz Ashley Apprentice

    Princezz Ashley Apprentice

    My apologies for taking so long to respond.

    I am going through a very difficult time.

    I have since become homeless and live in my car.

    Luckily my kids go to school and I have a few family members who allow them to stay in the house as we don't live in a very good neighborhood.

    But as for me I am grown and must defend for myself is just how my family is.

    Maybe not right but I don't argue so long as my kids are safe from the night time crazies.

    Apparently, my city does not offer shelter assistance unless you are a battered woman with police report proofs or you have been sexually assaulted and have some sort of proof to this.

    Also, they font offer homeless rapid rehoming, assistance with paying for hotels.

    They do however offer a list of churches who never answer their phone, do not return messages or if they do all they can say is Sorry good luck to you and refer you to another number.

    The closest place to me is at least a good 5-6 hour walk in the direction of either county may be able to offer more assistance and you must go there to find out what that assistance is or isn't.

    Being that I am homeless now you can probably guess how many people care enough to do favors such as drive 30 minutes out there way without any offer of payment for their time.

    I am lucky if anyone even picks up a phone when I call.

    I have been working hard to get into another place but that is very difficult when all the little money I may come across goes to food washing the few clothes I have and water because the Texas heat knows no mercy.

    I was at first embarassed if my situation no matter if it wasnt all my fault, but now I am just sickened by the lack of help the homeless recieve in my city, by the lack of kindness people have for one another the lack of compassion.

    People can just walk right by you stare at you like you stole something from them and then continue on with their day.

    I can't understand, I could never be so heartless I have had much and it was always my intention to help others and now I have nothing and still, I have the intention to get on my feet and change the way things are in this city.

    I do not know how but sometimes things just gave to be brought to the light for others to understand exactly how horrible it is.

    There is no way out once you have fallen to the bottom here.

    I use to wonder why do the homeless people of this city stay homeless for so long.

    Why don't they want better? Well I have my answer. They probably did at one time, and the ones that chose to stay moral and not drink or self-medicate their sorrows and guilt away are still homeless, still kind, still find a reason to smile and be kind to others.

    While the world doesn't give a second glance to them, a bottle of water, a thank you for going out of their way for someone who will spend the rest of their day in air condition with food in their bellies and the option to go out their front door or not.

    It is sad, and I am not speaking for only seld because so far only the other homeless people have found it in them to be kind to me to give me water and food and offer me places to sit in the shade.

    Do they have ulterior motives I do not know but they have been the only kind people to me so far so I would like to think not.

    I am amazed at how many places I have called and visited to find help or any assistance besides to give me a bunch of canned foods I cant carry.

    But all to no avail. Sometimes people do not choose to be homeless sometimes people who have fallen in hard times and become homeless have tried all there is to try, have seen the hearts of man for what they are presenting themselves to be, have given much and lost everything, only to find their so-called friends are not there and their families seem to not care.

    Strangers already have made up their minds and judged them for what they imagine them to be and they are tired physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

    A homeless man said to me are you still trying to find someone to help save us? I said I sure am. He replied, " Don't get your hopes so high I been out her 16yrs and we won't be upset with you if you can't find anyone because we already tried everything at one point in our lives.

    The best thing was to just try to figure out how to survive out here.

    You get used to it eventually." I promise you I will never be used to this I will never be okay with this A morning will never come that I think this is okay... Again I am asking if someone will help me to get on my feet they will not be let down.

    This works needs more kindness more opportunity more assistance for those who have given up.

    Please help me change my position so that together we can work to change the world.

    There is no reason people struggle to eat drink shower sleep and be comfortable when so often we waste more than enough to share. Please help me if you have known the smallest amount of suffering.

    Please, I don't know what to do I have never been homeless before I don't know how this works.

    I come from a well to do family but since my grandfather passed I have had no one but my children and this is not the life I am use to.

    I know why God has placed me here because there are others who need more than a coat or a few dollars of change, there are others who need real compassion, real home cooked meals and real-life rehabilitation just to understand the purpose of living in our society.

    Does hard times really justify the fact that they are left out, do not know what living is the only day to day survival.

    Please help me and I and I will do all I can to prove the homeless just need the opportunity to do better, I have been homeless for 2wks and already I am drowning.

    Please help me before I lose hope like they tell me I will. Please help me so that I can help even more....

    Thank you,

    Princezz Ashley
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