Life or death tried to rasie 20000.$

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by selana, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. selana

    selana Newbie

    Hello how are you I not doing well I need help badly. I currently having to deal with the death of my father and dealing with family threw me out of the house I was living in my car. I have to get lawyer to go after my share of the inhertince which has force me to live in my car with my beloved dog. I have been looking for a place but every rental unit I see I tell them that I have a dog they said to me NO Dogs allowed .I can not get rid of my dog because it is his love is keeping going plus my dad loved my dog and even made him a couch to sleep on. I feel so alone I feel no one can help.I have to leave my job because of health problems. I do not even have enough to eat for the next two week because my unemployment cheque does not until the first of August. I do not know what to do. Two months after my dad died my son father past away my son and I have to deal with father away so fast after his grandfather died.I still cry because of my of this. I have gone a seems career consult about changing job trade it was funny because after some test he came back told me that my prefect job would be inventor. I told him I always come up with crazy ways to make life better but never though about. Then after I did some research that I would sell some ideas but I need to find capital investor. I have looked and no luck. Then I found a nice little house that need love for twelve thousand and five hundred. I wish I could buy it but I cannot because I have wait and finish the court action against the estate then I might have enough to buy that house. Which I prayer every night hoping it will be soon. Because I honestly do not know how long I can keeping doing this a sleeping in car with the dog and no money.I cry every night because this cannot go on much goals are first make sure I can eat for the next two weeks then try to raise funds for house and sell one crazy money ideas.Then move into new house and go back to school, while trying sell ideas. But most all I need sometime to heal my heart and get my health back and get my son back on track again. Please find in your heart to help me, I feel so ashamed for asking for help this way,but I desperate.
    Thank you
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