There are those who love to give and those who love to receive.

Discussion in 'Free Money for People in Need' started by RainbowAngel Dust, May 4, 2017.

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  1. There are those who Love To Give, and those who Love To Receive. And, there are those who Need To Give, and those who Need To Receive.
    Unfortunatley at this time in my life I fall in line with the latter, obviously meaning I am in need of financial assistance. I am not one normally to beg or ask for help. Believe me I would much rather be on the giving end. As it is the thing that brings me the most joy in my life.
    I am a 61 year old mother and grandmother of three beautiful children, and two much beloved grandchildren.
    My husband and I have worked our entire lives. Not knowing many things, we could have or should have known. Like many others of my generation skipped by, to live what they would call for the day, and the time.
    My husband and I are both on disability. Mine for seizures. And my husbands for accidents while working.
    Causing him to have many back , knee, and rotator cuff surgeries.
    We are both on Social Security Disability Income. Which is great and very much appreciated. But not enough to live on. Especially when one of your children comes back home with their child to live with you, because of circumstances in their life. Trying to do what they can with our limited help to get back on the right track and straighten out their life, not wanting to but depending more than they should for your limited help, during this frustrating time. We are now losing our home of 6 years. The person we have been renting it from wants to sell
    it. and use the money for other purposes in their life. We have just until the first of June 2017 to vacate and find somewhere else to live. With very limited resources and income. We are struggling to find help anywhere and by any means possible. You might be saying to yourself. I have done this and I have done that. Why can't they. Believe me we have done this and that. And sometimes in life, There are those who Need To Give, and those who Need To Receive. I pray it is your time to give and help my family. As much as you can see it in your heart to help with would be greatly appreciated And I hope and Pray that one day I can do the same for someone else To Pay It Forward. As my granddaughter says like I taught her; "Lets bless them with, RainbowAngel Dust." Because it falls off and Blesses other people and their friends.
    Much Love; RainbowAngel Dust.

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