Top 7 best christmas assistance programs for poor people

Discussion in 'Christmas Assistance for Low Income Families' started by admin, Oct 1, 2015.

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    If you’re struggling during the holidays financially then you’ll be glad to know there are Christmas assistance for low-income families and military families. These programs, charities and organisations will help you with toys, trees, gifts, presents and even food which will help you through the holiday period without too much financial strain and financial burden.

    The list below of the best Christmas assistance for low-income families has some organisations that have been around for ages, I have also included some strategies that you can use to get free Christmas gifts.

    #1: Charities to Donate to for Christmas
    Charities for Christmas Gifts

    If you are on a low-income then the first place that you need to get in touch with for financial assistance towards Christmas are all your local and national Christmas charities. It is best to start this process as early as possible, it is best to compile a list of all the charities in your vicinity and then contact them one by one to see what kind of Christmas assistance they offer.

    Explain to the person in charge that you need Christmas help for low income families in the form of toys, gifts, presents and food baskets. One of the best charities to contact is the Salvation Army Christmas Assistance group who really goes above and beyond to help people during Christmas.

    Free Gifts for Kids in Christmas

    If you look in the right places you’ll be able to find toys for Christmas for needy families. If you contact the major toy stores and local toy stores early and ask them if they offer any Christmas toy assistance for low income families then they will let you know if they have any toys to spare. Many local and national toy stores love to help out during the festive season and if you can register early you might be able to get a good gift/present for free.

    #3: Christmas Help For Needy –

    Recycling has become a big part of our lives now and sites which recycle gifts such as are starting to thrive especially during the holidays. Many people have no space for toys and readily want to give away expensive items for free. If you really want lots of free Christmas gifts for low income families then you need to register with as many recycling groups and sites and then make a list of the types of toys you want. Don’t be too specific or choosy and regularly check the forum threads to see what’s available. If you start this process a month before Christmas then you’ll be able to gather lots of presents and gifts for your family.


    #4: Get Christmas Assistance for Military Families

    If you are a military family then Christmas can be very challenging financially, however there are organisations such as the Church who regularly help needy families with food, Christmas tree, Presents and even shelter during the holiday seasons. You need to contact your local church well in advance and ask them what sort of assistance they have to offer and then see if they can help you.

    #5: Best Charities That Provide Christmas Assistance to Low Income Families
    If you’re stuck for ideas then here are three charities that you can contact to really make your families Christmas special this year. Remember to contact them as soon as possible as there are limited Christmas assistance funds available and you need to be organised to make this Christmas special for your family

    #6: Make a Wish Foundation

    This is one of my favorite charities especially during Christmas, you can nominate a child or your own children and make one of their wishes come true. If your child is chosen during the Christmas period then it will be a day they’ll never forget, essentially it will make the child’s wish come true and it’s something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This Christmas charity is inundated during Christmas so it’s best to get your request in quickly to avoid disappointment.

    #7: Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army Christmas assistance group which was mentioned earlier has helped some of the worst financially hit families. The volunteers at the Salvation army will help people off the streets and give them a place to live during the holiday season, they’ll be clothed and fed and have a great meal on Christmas day. Again you should contact this charity as soon as possible if you need help during Christmas.


    #8: Prison Fellowship Organisation

    It’s hard enough when you can’t make ends meet during the holiday period however it’s even harder to make Christmas worth celebrating when you have a loved one in prison. The Prison Fellowship

    Organisation helps people with family members in Prison especially the children who will miss out the most. Registering early will help your family and children get a memorable Christmas meal, gifts and even a place to stay and dine during the holidays.

    Christmas Assistance for Poor People

    Over the Christmas period people really start to open their hearts and wallets and donate money and volunteer their time to help needy families who are on low income. If you are in need of financial assistance this Christmas it is nothing to be ashamed about and you must put your pride to one side and do what’s right for your family and really make this Christmas special for them.

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